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Proactive Cancer Protection Tips to Help Stay Cancer Free

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

To stack the odds against getting cancer in your favor, there are several things that can be done. Quit smoking, wear sunscreen and stay active are three well known, proactive measures to avoiding certain types of cancers. Here are some lesser known proactive cancer protection measures that are effective in the battle to stay cancer free.

Protect Against Colon Cancer With Eggs

If you don’t like fatty seafood like salmon or sardines, and the after taste of fish oil capsules disgusts you, get the omega-3 cancer protection your body needs from eggs.

Research has shown that omega-3’s inhibit the inflammatory compounds that contribute to growth of cancerous polyps in the colon. Eggs are rich in omega-3’s and two eggs will provide as much colon cancer protection as a salmon fillet.

Red Sauce Protects Against Lung Cancer

The colorful pigment that makes tomatoes red, lycopene, significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer. The most proactive cancer protection comes from cooked tomatoes, like those found in red sauces; spaghetti sauce, salsa and canned tomato products. The body absorbs the lycopene easier when the tomato product is cooked.

Garlic Reduces Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Studies have shown that the more garlic you eat, the more resistant your bladder is against cancer. Many processed foods, like lunch meats, hot dogs and bacon, contain nitrates, those nitrates are converted by our body into cancer causing nitrites, which can lodge in the bladder. Garlic helps prevent the nitrates in processed food from converting into nitrites. Eating one clove of garlic per day, raw or cooked, is a proactive step towards preventing bladder cancer. Keeping the bladder flushed out with six glass of water or other water based beverage (tea, coffee, diluted fruit juices) is also a proactive cancer protection step.

Wear Colorful Clothing

Colorful clothing provides more proactive protection against skin cancer than white clothing. Brightly colored clothing reflects away more of the sun’s cancer causing UV rays than pale pastels or white clothing. Dry clothing offers twice the proactive protection from UV rays than wet clothing, so bring an extra T-shirt to change into at the beach or lake.

Aspirin Protects Against Ovarian Cancer

Aspirin lowers the levels of estrogen in the bloodstream. Estrogen fuels cancer cells in the ovaries, taking an aspirin a day or reaching for aspirin instead of acetaminophen or NSAID pain relievers lowers the estrogen level and protects against ovarian cancer.

Two Supplements Protect Against Breast Cancer

The combination of a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement is powerful in the proactive fight against breast cancer. The two supplements, taken together, help speed up the repair of damaged DNA in the breast before breast cells can turn cancerous.