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Mexican Food Diet Prevents Breast Cancer

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Americans have been bombarded with information about diets from around the world and why they make indigenous people healthy. Asian diets, for example include lots of fish, whole grain rice, and green tea, and those who reside in some Asian countries seem to age much better than Americans and live longer. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to help keep people thinner, healthier, and at a lower risk for heart disease by eating lots of tomatoes, salad greens, seafood, vegetables, oily dressings, and drinking wine. And even the high-fat diet of the French seems to have its benefits from healthy cheeses and wines and the limitations put on the consumption of food. Now we can add a new beneficial diet to this list: the Mexican food diet.

Researchers noted that the rate of breast cancer in Hispanic women is much lower than that of non-Hispanic women, even in women who were obese (which increases a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer). So they conducted a study called the Four-Corners Breast Cancer Study that looked at four types of diets. There is the Western diet, which is the one that most Americans are on. It’s full of high-fat foods, sugars, refined grains, sauces, fast food, and processed products; the Prudent diet, which consists of limiting dairy and eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; the Mediterranean diet mentioned above; “The Dieter Diet”, which is the avoidance of high-fat dairy products, use of low-fat products, diet drinks, and sugar substitutes; and finally the Native Mexican Diet, which consists of Mexican cheeses, soups, meat dishes, fruit juice, legumes, and tomato sauces.

The researchers discovered that women on the Mexican diet experienced a lower rate of breast cancer than women on the other diets, and rate was highest in women on the Western and Prudent diets. They weren’t entirely sure why this diet was better, but believe that some native Mexican foods may contain protective phyotochemicals.

Whatever the reason this diet works, it definitely doesn’t mean you should start eating at Taco Bell or your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant every day. Native Mexican cooking doesn’t involve using tons of cheese, cream sauces, and processed products like flour tortillas like many Tex-Mex meals do. So if you want to get some of the benefits of this diet, focus on using corn tortillas, organic tomato salsas, homemade bean and bean soups, fresh peppers, vegetables, and fruits. Of course not every native Mexican dish is going to be healthy, but it seems many Americans are very wrong in their belief that the food our neighbors produce falls far below the standards of our own, and we can actually learn a lot from them when it comes to making healthy, non-processed meals.