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What is the Best Fish Oil Available Online or Off?

Monday, July 24th, 2017

If you listen to the health news these days, there is a a lot of talk about how important fish oil is to our diet. The reason why fish oil is so important and good is because of the fatty acids that you get when you eat certain fish. You hear claims that eating fish can help is good for the heart all around, can lower the risk of certain cancers, lowers your risk of a heart attack or stroke and in children, could lower the chances of certain childhood disorders like ADD, ADHD and dyslexia. And this is great news if you love fish. But what if you don’t like fish? What if you can’t stand the thought of eating fish? What then? I have already spilled my guts as to why eating fish will help improve your overall health. In this article, I intend to show you your options if you don’t like fish and give you the answer to what I believe is the best fish oil available.

Things to consider when you are choosing Fish Oil
Since there are so many claims about the benefits of fish oil, you could only imagine that the choices of fish oil available are numerous and with so much available you will have to learn how to decipher the labels of the oil. In other words, when you are looking for the best fish oil supplement, you will really need to do your homework.

The two main ingredients in fish oil that make it so beneficial are EPA and DHA. These are fatty acid chains. What makes these different than the fatty acids you would normally find in other animal foods is that these chains are longer. Your body processes these Omega 3’s differently than they would other fatty acids.

Fish oil products range from the out and out scams to the pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Some fish oils are compressed from a variety of fish but the best fish oil is the oil that comes from cold water fish such as salmon.

When you are looking at different fish oil products, it is important that you take a look at the ingredients. If you don’t see the type of fish and if the fish isn’t a cold water fish, then you will want to look for a different product. Common ingredients from some of the shoddy fish oil include marine lipids. Some fish oil products will simply state the ingredients as “fish oil”. If the ingredients don’t state clearly what type of fish it came from, then you should look toward another option.