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What Massage Type is Right for You

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Massage therapy has been practiced for over a thousand of years. According to a poll conducted by the American Massage Association, at least a quarter of all American adults have had at least one professional massage during the year of 2007. That is a lot of pressing, and rubbing. A trained massage therapist can use multiple parts of their body to perform a massage. They are no long limited to hand movements, but elbows, forearms, and feet have been incorporated.

Many adults have been educated to the benefits of massage therapy not just simply for relaxation. Many conditions benefit from the skill of massage therapy for instance massages for back pain, can reduce the need for painkillers in many and works better than acupuncture. In regards to migraines and other headaches can be decreased in number, and sleep improved. Osteoarthritis knee suffers can experience a relief in the degree of mobility and lack of stiffness. These are only a sample of conditions that show improvement with regular massage therapy. It is always important to check with your physican before embarking on any type of treatment for illness.

What type of Massages are available?

There are over 80 different type of massage therapies to choose from. Some of the more common styles are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stones, and Reflexology.

During a Swedish massage the work is geared toward relaxation and energy with kneading strokes, and light rhythmic movement on the top layers of muscle. A deep tissue massage is used normally when attention needs to be given to a specific area that one is experiencing pain in. Deep tissue massages can have very therapeutic results. If you were an athlete in school or have children in sports now, normally most high school programs and up have a trainer on site who assist in levels of massage therapy for the athletes to assist or prevent injury. In hot stone therapy, stones are placed on pressure points and either used as tools or left in place to help transmit deep heat down to injured or damaged parts of the body. Lastly in reflexology massage skill is applied to the feet to help promote health and well being in the overall body.

This just barely taps the surface of what an addition massage therapy can be to a person in various conditions. You owe it to yourself to try it, you will not regret it.