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Teeth Whitening – the Basics

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Teeth whitening is becoming more popular these days. A large number of people in various countries are opting for whitening procedures to improve their appearance and smile. Only a few years back, they were not easily affordable and available. They were not only costly but also very difficult to find. Additionally many dental insurance companies will not provide cover for whitening procedures. However, things have changed now and almost all dental clinics offer whitening as an option. Whitening procedures are popular because they provide measurable results. If you have discolored teeth, they are a very good option. By opting for teeth whitening procedures, you can not only improve your appearance but also gain confidence.

As evident from the name, whitening procedures are dental procedures to make the teeth whiter. Better teeth whitening techniques came about as a result of developments in the field of dentistry. For example, laser whitening is a new technique that is much more effective when compared with conventional whitening techniques. It has not yet gained popularity, but in the future we can expect it to become much more easily available.

Teeth get stained for a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons include improper oral hygiene, eating habits, cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol. Mineral deficiencies can also cause teeth discoloration. Whitening procedures are effective against stains caused by all of these causes.

Teeth whitening is simple to perform. In the first step, the dentist will determine if teeth whitening procedures are a good option in your case by performing an examination. If he believes that whitening procedures are a good option for you, he’ll proceed with the procedure.

Bleaching agents are applied to the teeth by using a tray and allowed to remain for one hour. Bleaching agents are unstable and so breakdown to release oxygen. The oxygen reacts with the stains hidden in the pores of the teeth and neutralizes them. In the process, the normal color of teeth is restored.

Teeth whitening is comparatively safe. There are no side effects associated with it. On the minus side, however, it can be a little costly. But there are a number of alternative options. One such option is to use an at-home whitening kit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it but you will get very good results with it.