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You Can Gain Weight Even If it Seems Impossible

Monday, August 18th, 2014

You might be asking yourself why in the heck can’t I gain any weight. I eat but nothing seems to work. I asked myself the same question being underweight through a lot of my life. Some people have a harder time with it and instead of burning too few calories, our bodies go into super overdrive with no help from us. And guess what? I actually was successful gaining weight with these guidelines I made up. And I built them into handy tips so everyone can give them a try. Hopefully you will be successful with them so give them a try, ok?How to Gain Weight Tip Number One: Entice Yourself with Favorite Dishes

This tip is completely effecting to gain weight, so I listed this as number one. This is where you can make a list of your favorite foods, and dishes that you like to eat. And in fact you might want to thumb through picture recipe books hosting whole meal set ups and try new dishes since pictures and thoughts of favorite foods tend to make me hungry for them.

Gain Weight Tip Number Two: Don’t Skip Meals

I know this one is hard if you only eat when you get hungry. If I don’t keep a running mental list of what I eat in a day, I find myself skipping meals, because I forget to eat. If you have to write on a piece of paper meal one, meal two, meal three in big giant letters and tape it where you will see it maybe in the kitchen somewhere or even of all places in the bathroom and cross off when you eat your meals.

Weight Tip Number Three: Stay Away From Heavy Foods

I noticed after eating heavy meals and desserts like cheese cake or a cheeseburger with no vegetables, I wasn’t hungry most of the day after. If fact I could go through the whole day not being hungry from just eating two pieces of cheese cake. I gained maybe 600 calories from the cheese cake, but that was all the calories I ate for most of the day. In fact I would lose weight eating like this. So the conclusion was to stay away from heavy foods. And if you want to eat cheeseburgers, make sure to add lots of vegetable so your stomach has some roughage to process the burger easier. And for the cheese cake, eat lots of fresh fruits with it. I would stay away from heavy foods unless you can balance them out with some sort of salad or fruit of some kind to aid in your digestion so you can get hungry faster.

Gain Weight Tip Number Four: Eat Proteins and Carbohydrates

These two are your best friends while trying to gain weight. Proteins such as meat, peanut butter, beans are a good pick. Carbohydrates, choose a nice big bake potato with butter and your favorite cheese and add lots of steamed broccoli for your digestive system. One of my favorites is peanut butter pie which gives you 623 calories for a 1/8th piece. Also rice is excellent, I like to saute cut up chicken pieces in a mixture of soy sauce and butter, cook until done, then add this chicken to a bowl of hot rice and throw in a handful of cooked peas.

Gain Weight Tip Number Five: Wear Loose Clothing

You know what they say if you wear loose clothing, when you can’t see how much weight you are gaining, you tend to gain it. I think of this like not peaking into a cooking pot of dumplings. If you uncover the lid, the dumplings stop cooking. Call me superstitious but if you wear looser clothing, you tend to gain more weight. I realize that loose clothing actually has nothing to do with how many calories you intake or how fat stores in the body, but I still think this idea works. It does for me.

Gain Weight Tip Number Six: Take a Nap

Try to take a nap during the day if you can. Sleeping not only helps refresh your brain and body but also help to store calories since you are not burning hardly any to sleep.

Gain Weight Tip Number Seven: Anxiety and Stress can Keep You from Gaining Weight

Anxiety and stress actually reeks havoc on the body. And some people when they are stressed forget to eat, don’t have an appetite, and actually can’t eat or they will feel sick to the stomach. I am that way. I can hardly eat for the whole duration. Extreme stress can make you sick so try and relax as much as possible and try to find helping tips that will remedy anxiety and stress to help you feel better faster.