Acne….It’s More Than Just Appearance

Oh yes, you remember the days? A happy go lucky kid just enjoying life while waiting to grow up. Then one morning you woke up to a whole new dimension in your life. Looking in that mirror at that big red beamer on your nose made you shudder at the thought of even going to school! A crisis at 12 years old.

Although acne can begin as early as infants, most cases do not develop until puberty. Acne can sometimes start in very subtle ways with just a zit here or a pimple there but for many it can bloom into quite the devilish problem that can potentially leave more than merely zits on your face. Scarring can occur in more severe cases and these can run well beneath the surface of your skin. Acne may start in your early years and for many it disappears as you mature but many times it can follow you well into adulthood. Sometime into your 30’s, 40’s and beyond

It’s important to remember that you are not alone in your condition. Most people, over 80% by some estimates, will become affected by acne or other related skin diseases sometime in their life. Some cases require nothing more than moderate attention while others rage seemingly out of control leaving those afflicted feeling helpless, discouraged and depressed. Don’t become one of these. You can control it.

The exact causes of acne can be quite complex depending on the individual but contrary to a lot of information circulating these days the cause of acne in not something that is unknown. Factors involved in the development of acne can range from the stress we deal with on a daily basis and how our bodies react to that stress to environmental issues. Genetics and what we inherit from our ancestors determine our hormone levels, oil production and immune system responses that may influence acne. The products you use on your skin or the amount of time spent in the sun can affect the degree of acne you develop. It is extremely important that you become aware of all the many different players involved in the big picture of acne if you are ever to achieve effective treatment.

Yes, acne is painful. It is discomforting but acne and the side effects that come with it are far more than just the annoying, painful bumps on your skin that people see on the outside. Yes, it is more than just appearance. Severe outbreaks in some individuals can lead them to become socially withdrawn. They experience a loss of self esteem and their self confidence levels can plummet. Frustration can produce feelings of anger and depression and can affect not only themselves but those around them as well. Feelings of embarrassment leads to a preoccupation of what they perceive as a poor body image. Recent studies seem to verify that severe acne cases may be a contributing factor in higher than normal unemployment rates among adults. In teenagers it affects not only their social life but also can become a major factor in their academic life as well. As you can see, acne is quite complex and those who suffer from it will testify to the effects it has had on their lives.

Don’t believe ads proclaiming products that cure acne. As of this writing there is no known cure for acne but the good news is that armed with the proper knowledge acne sufferers will find that it is and can be 100% treatable. If you are an acne sufferer the first thing you need to do is empower yourself with all the latest information and options that medical science is producing nearly daily on this subject. There are products, treatments and various methods available depending on the individual that will help you win the battle over acne. Power yourself up and follow along with me at http://www.acnemedicineman.com and empower yourself. To achieve control you must become proactive. Thousands learn how to improve the quality of their lives everyday and you can too! Learn about the many types of acne that can affect virtually any part of your body. Find out about the myths many people mistakenly believe. See whats new on the medical front about products and procedures and how they can vastly improve your life. You can control acne with the power of suppression. With knowledge comes power and now YOU can have the power!

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