Best Acne Treatment

Ok… here it is… the solution to all your acne problems… the BEST way to cure acne is…

A Positive Attitude!!

Hands down, without a doubt, a positive attitude will be the BIGGEST factor in whether or not your acne treatment will work for you. Cheesy as this sounds, this is 100% completely true.

Most of us are so used to having acne day in and day out that we actually EXPECT to wake up with another pimple. Even though we WANT to have clear skin, our thoughts are constantly telling us that we CAN’T.

This is the biggest problem when combatting acne!

We all know the physical causes that attribute to acne – hormones, diet/food, liver function – but what everyone fails to acknowledge is the mental and emotional causes of acne!

In fact, the mental and emotional causes are even more significant than all the physical causes combined. This is why some people can eat unhealthy foods every single day and still never get acne – because with a balanced and healthy mental state, they can overpower the negative effects of the foods they are putting in their body!

This also explains exactly why your current acne treatment is not working! Think about all the ways you’ve been told to cure your acne – topical creams, diet change, antibiotics, hormone balancers, decreasing oil contact with the face, exercise – these are all physical treatments!

  • Here’s how to go about transitioning your mindset on acne from ‘negative’ to ‘positive.’
  • Decide what your attitude is about your acne right now. Do you feel stressed, uncomfortable, or hopeless just thinking about it? These are clear-cut signs that a change in attitude is what you need in order to get clear skin. These negative feelings are literally holding you back, acting as a wall to keep you from ever reaching your goal. By thinking negative thoughts about your skin, you are keeping yourself from getting the clear glow you’ve always wanted.
  • Realize that it really IS possible to cure your acne! Clear skin is an attainable goal for everyone by using 3 things: an acne product that treats acne from the insides and outside, lots of hydration, and a positive attitude!
  • Feel good about your skin. Maybe you have acne now, but you can relax knowing that in the next 2-4 weeks you will be able to get and maintain a clear complexion. It sure is a giant relief finally knowing that, isn’t it?
  • Know that any new pimples you get from this moment on does not give you reason to quit. Did you know that a pimple is formed up to 2 weeks before it surfaces on the skin? That means that for the next 2 weeks it is possible that you will see “residual” acne – acne that had already formed before starting the new treatment plan and is bound to surface. This is a good sign! It means you are getting rid of the last acne you are going to see for a very long time!

Once you get the ball rolling and you’re seeing positive results, it will be much easier to maintain the healthy attitude and confidence required for having clear skin. Until then you will have to consciously put effort into staying positive about it every single day!

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