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The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training Lingo

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Weight training is not just for people desiring Frankenstein-sized biceps. Weight training is for anyone who seeks to improve their body’s composition. To some, that means training long and hard in the gym in order to have rock-hard abs. (Don’t know what abs are? It’s just shorthand for abdominals.) To others, it means building just enough muscle to help shed those excess pounds faster. Regardless of your personal goal, there are some basic terms you must know before taking that first step and lifting that first dumbbell.

Know the Lingo

People in attendance at a seminar on computer programming would be foolish to go without first knowing basic programming jargon. So why should bodybuilders act differently? Weight training also has its own language. I have compiled a very short beginner’s dictionary that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is a basic list of terms every bodybuilder (and, yes, that means you) need to know. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to get started:

Repetition: Also known as a rep, it is one complete movement of an exercise. For example, completing one sit-up is one rep.

Set: A series of repetitions performed in succession. For example, completing 20 sit-ups and then resting is considered one set. Your one set of sit-ups contained 20 reps. Starting out in the bodybuilding arena, you will most likely be able to achieve muscular gains with just one set per body part. After two or three weeks, though, be prepared to step things up. An intermediate bodybuilder usually completes a minimum of three sets per body part. An advanced bodybuilder may do up to twelve sets or more per body part.

Routine – The configuration of exercises, sets and reps that one utilizes in a training session. This just refers to how you did your training for that session. An endless array of possible routines awaits you. Weight training does not have to become stale. Starting out, though, you’ll need to focus on how to properly execute the exercises. Learning proper techniques will maximize your results (as seen in the mirror) and will prevent injury.

Hey, that wasn’t so bad, was it? The mystery of these basic weight training words should now be history to you. So now that you can talk the talk, it’s time to walk the walk. Start out slowly with your bodybuilding regime. Eat healthy, get a decent amount of sleep at night, and leave a minimum of a full day between workouts. Practice safe bodybuilding habits now to prevent injuries from occurring later on.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet – How to Obtain Fast Result as a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Body building would require that you possess enough strength in order to increase your muscle mass to attain a muscular body. Some thought that in order to build muscles, you would need to eat more meat and drink lots of proteins, but this is not always the case for there are a number of body building diets that people do and among them is the vegetarian bodybuilding diet. If this is the first time that you have heard about this diet, read the following in order to know more about the vegetarian diet of body builders.

A vegetarian diet differs to that of a typical diet in the sense that it only requires eating vegetables and fruits and that there shouldn’t be any meat involved on your diet. So body builders who are into vegetarian diet would only eat mainly fruits and vegetables and avoid dishes that have meats. Normally, vegetarians would eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, dairy and yoghurt. Aside from the food selections, the other elements to build muscle are virtually similar. Read what you need to do to gain mass quickly on gain weight fast.

Bodybuilders need to consume around 25 to 35 percent of their calories from protein due to the fact that they are working hard in order to grow muscle mass. The source of protein of a vegetarian bodybuilding diet would consist of eggs and dairy, including beans, nuts and seeds. Tofu is also a good source of protein, since a tofu is a fermented product that is made from soybeans. Protein shake is also advised to achieve aimed daily protein intake. Check out what’s best for you in shakes to gain weight.

Aside from protein, those who are into vegetarian diet must also put importance on the amount of B vitamins that they consume everyday. Body building experts would always emphasize the importance of B vitamins, such as B12 and B6, for their metabolic functions, since a person who is into body building must have a metabolism that works efficiently so the fats on the muscle areas must be burned and not be stored. B vitamins can be obtained from eating meats, but for vegetarian body builders, they can take it from vegetarian sources like soy, miso and seaweed.

When it comes to a vegetarian body builder’s workout, it is always best to aim for a short but a more intense type of workout. Doing this helps to prevent muscle mass loss from happening and this also helps the body not to rely more on protein just to survive during workout sessions. Because if you are doing long workout training, your body will end up craving for more protein, and this can be difficult for a vegetarian body builder.

Vegetarians normally lack iron, due to the fact that they don’t get to eat more red meats. Iron is important since it is the one responsible for the development of good red blood cell, so it is not good for anyone to lack iron. Therefore, vegetarian body builders must make sure to add iron to their diet by taking iron rich supplements regularly. If you are trying to build muscles and are into a vegetarian bodybuilding diet, the most important thing that you must practice is to be optimistic. Remember that it would take a long time before vegetarian body builders could gain muscles. So make sure that you stay positive and always be determined with achieving your goal of a muscular body so you will really get the desired results.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Bodybuilding Competition

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

You have been training for a few years and the bug has bitten you. You want to get into the shape of your life and see how you stack-up against other top physiques.

Here are some tips on training, diet and supplements which I hope will be of valuable to those contemplating entering a body building competition.

Section I – ( Training )

Tip 1 – Get yourself a good, strong, reliable training partner – preferable someone you feel comfortable with.

Females who really want to be pushed to the limit may find it best with a strong male training partner.

Tip 2 – For Maximum muscular size and definition, it is necessary to “cycle” phases of Muscle building with “cycles” of fat reducing.

I will assume that you already have quite a bit of muscle density and you need to lose some body fat. For this reason, I will just deal with the training directly linked with the lead up to the contest, where the primary goal is to reduce body fat while retaining maximum muscle density (this fat reducing phase is known as a cutting cycle).

Tip 3 – Use the weights to maintain muscle, not to lose fat.

Weight training should be kept heavy right up to the contest. By heavy, I mean weights you can only do 6-10 reps before failure.

What we are trying to do is maintain the maximum amount of muscle density while the body fat is being burned off. To drop the weight to something lighter to allow higher reps (ie. 15+ Reps) in the belief that this will make you more “cut”, is a myth.

Any extra calories burned from the extra work will be from Glycogen and not fat and the reduced intensity of training (light weights, high reps) will result in muscle loss. Not only does this make you smaller, it makes your metabolism slower and thus it becomes even harder to get rid off that last bit of adipose (fat).

Tip 4 – Use Aerobic exercise in conjunction with diet to burn your body fat.

The aerobic exercise should preferably be weight bearing because it burns more calories per hour than a non weight bearing activity such as swimming. A good time to start your aerobic workout is directly after your weight training (when Glycogen levels are low).

Be sure to keep the speed / intensity at of your aerobic workout at conversation pace. This means you should be able to comfortably hold a conversation with someone next to you and not be short of breath. This will indicate efficient fat burning.

Section II – ( DIET )

Tip 5 – The most effective and important weapon against fat is the diet. It is more important than the aerobic work for fat loss.

No one is perfect, and when it comes to diet, it is very easy to get off track and slip up from time – to – time. If you slip up while dieting and have a Mac attack, realise that just one Big Mac contains 25 grams of fat and 550 calories. You will have to walk for around two hours to burn off this indiscretion. In my opinion, it is much easier and a lot less effort not to eat the fatty high calorie food in the first place. When you know the pain / pleasure principle and how it relates to dieting(see tip 6 pain \ pleasure principle) you will find avoiding fatty foods a lot easier.

Tip 6 – For long-term successful maintenance of a “body-to-die for”, this will require you to adopt some beliefs which are new to most people.

In a nutshell, we are attracted to what we perceive will cause pleasure and repelled from what we perceive will cause pain.

This is the pain / pleasure principle. All human behaviour is based on the principle of our perception of pleasure and pain. It is not actually pleasure and pain which is directing and driving us, but our thoughts and beliefs about pleasure and pain.


You must start connecting pain to the foods you shouldn’t be eating and pleasure to the foods that you should consume.

Connect immense pain to eating foods high in fat (eg; fast food). Look at some photos or specimens of heart by-pass surgery. Look at the fatty plaques clogging the arteries. See yourself being laughed at because you’re voted “Mr. Smooth” compared to the other competitors. Imagine someone calling you Michellin man while you are on stage.

Now replace this picture with you eating the “right” foods and achieving your goal. Blow it up really BIG in your imagination. Visualise it in color up close, with sound and feeling. See yourself winning the contest. Hear the cheers. Feel the excitement. Run your hands over your razor sharp six-pack abs. Do not be a detached observer – get involved. Make it real.

Don’t just do this exercise when you think you are about to break your diet. Do it at any time, especially upon awakening, before retiring and when in the trance state caused by aerobic training such as running.

Tip 7 – Choosing the best diet for fat loss and muscle maintenance.

Without doubt, maximum fat loss can be achieved through dietary means by:

• Cutting Calories

• Cutting Fats

• Restricting Certain Carbohydrates

• Increasing Fibre

• Increasing Water

What about Protein Requirements ?

Protein is necessary to maintain existing muscle tissue.

If you do not ingest enough protein, your body starts to break-down muscle tissue to get some. This is definitely not what you want your body to do (cannibalising your own muscle tissue) prior to the bodybuilding show.

What about Protein Powders?

Whey Protein concentrates and isolates have the highest biological value of all the proteins. They are very quickly digested and an ideal choice for your post workout meal, which should contain 25% of you total protein intake.

Caseinates are retained in your system for many more hours, for this reason, they are the best choice for supper. They can help reduce muscle breakdown occurring during sleep in the long fast between meals.

Tip 8 – Space your meals no further apart than 3 hours (you must eat at least every 3 hours).

e.g; Breakfast

Morning Tea


Afternoon Tea



Ensure each of these meals contain a high quality protein.

Section III – ( Supplements )

What about supplements ? Do they work ? Can they help ?

The right ones at the right time most certainly can.

Tip 9 – Caffeine technically would have to be the most potent legal “cutting-agent” available

Precautions:Should not be taken by pregnant women

(has been linked with reduced bodyweight of the newborn)

Should not be taken by people with heart problems

(excessive doses can cause extra beats of left ventricle)

Can cause physical dependence at daily dosages of 350mg and above

(about 4 cups of coffee).

5 grams and above can be a lethal dose (about 60 cups of coffee).

Some people will be horrified at the thought of encouraging the consumption of Caffeine. However, its effects on physical performance and benefits on body fat reduction are too great and well documented to ignore. Used prudently, Caffeine’s benefits can be made to outweigh the possible risks.

Caffeine can increase the amount of fat burned during aerobic exercise by over 100% (over double the amount of fat burned normally) The fat burning response starts around 3 hours after ingestion.

If you abstain from Caffeine containing beverages and foods, then 250 mg of Caffeine, 3 hours before an aerobic work out, will be extremely effective.

If you find that have built up a tolerance to the effects of Caffeine (due to prolonged / high dose use) it is better to have a break from the Caffeine rather than increasing the dosage.

Almost all tests on the performance enhancing effects of Caffeine have been performed on pure chemical Caffeine, not coffee or tea. Some studies indicate there may be something in coffee and tea that may inhibit the fat burning effects of Caffeine.

The top ten benefits of Caffeine for a competing Bodybuilder are:

1. Increased Definition

2. Increased Fat Burning

3. Increased Endurance

4. Increased Alertness and Concentration

5. Less Perceived Effort

6. Increased Workout Intensity

7. Increased V02 Max (Oxygen uptake)

8. Increased Workload Capacity

9. Increased Vascularity

10. Greater Pump

Tip 10 – Creatine Monohydrate is the number one booster for muscle size. It also increases power, strength and recovery.

The correct dosage of Creatine Monohydrate for most Bodybuilders, is approximately 5 grams per day.

The correct dosage of Creatine Monohydrate for a Muscle Building Cycle is to take 5 grams in a post workout protein drink. On non-training days, take when convenient with 200ml of grape juice (red grape juice, not green grape fruit juice).

For a Fat Burning Cycle, take 5 grams in post a post workout protein drink

Polymetric Exercises for Body Builders

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Polymetric exercise refers to exercises that require the use of more than one muscle. Polymetric exercise can enhance a body builders existing workout and can help ensure the bodybuilder works all muscles. Since body builders usually work out muscles in isolation, polymetric exercise can be something totally new to a body builder.

Most physical activities outside of the gym are polymetric exercises, using more that one muscles. A bodybuilder may choose to swim, for example, to combine the use of muscles. Sports like gymnastics, dance, soccer, etc. would all qualify as polymetric exercies. Martial arts is another option to incorporate polymetric exercises into a body builders workout. Most likely, a body builder will prefer a polymetric exercise routine that can be done within a gym. For this, polymetric exercises imitate the movements of activities that involve natural polymetrics.

A body builder may choose to incorporate the use of a rowing machine into his program. Rowing is a natural polymetric exercise. The machine replicates the motions, requiring the body builder to use legs, arms, back and stomach muscles all at once. The combination and ways in which the muscles are used in rowing may be completely different from the isolated exercises of body building and my help improve the body builders workout.

Certain stair climbing machines can be polymetric exercises for a bodybuilder if the machine is the type with arm resistance straps. The straps, when used, require the body builder to use his arms as well as legs during the stair climb.

Using a medicine ball for various exercises can turn isolated exercises into polymetric exercies for body builders. Simple sit-ups, for instance can incorporate chest muscles into the workout. Instead of doing simple sit-ups, body builders can “play catch” so to speak with the medicine ball with every upward sit. Throwing the ball to a partner adds the use of the chest and arms to the work out. A body builder can also use a pilates ball during sit-ups to create a polymetric exercise. The instability of the ball forces the body builder to engage many muscles while performing the sit-ups, therefore making the simple sit-ups a much more productive exercise.

The medicine ball can also turn stretching into a polymetric exercise. Lunges or squats can be done holding the medicine ball at length, therefore engaging the arms, abdomen and chest muscles.

Incorporating polymetric exercises into a workout is important for body builders to achieve an optimum work out. Often when muscles are worked in isolation, as body builders know, they are not used to full capacity or are not worked to the full range of their abilities. Polymetric exercises ensure the muscles are not only being worked as a body builder would work them, but that they are being worked in combination with other muscles to improve both muscles and workout. Any activity that combines muscle use would qualify as a polymetric exercise, but for body builders, the same can be achieved in the gym.

New Treatment for Osteoporosis that Possess Other Pleasurable Body Enhancement Affects

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Traditionally a fixture of the body building crowd, creatine is finding a new family among the gerontologist. A Canadian research group recently reported astonishing new findings about creatine. It appears creatine strengthens your skeleton. Creatine was discovered by Michel Eugène Chevreul in 1832. It is a component of the skeletal muscle and it helps to supply energy to the muscles. The weight lifting and body building community have supplemented there workouts with it for years. It increases the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly. The increased energy enables the body builder to train harder and more frequently, which producing faster results. Creatine is generally purchased in flavored powder form and mixed with liquid.

Creatine is absorbed into our bodies through the foods we eat. It is not found in vegetables, only in meat products. Vegetarians generally show low levels of creatine and require supplementation to increase their levels to normal. The medical community has been investigating creatine as a potentially effective aid in the treatment of individuals with neuromuscular disorders, with very promising results. Some of the diseases it has proven effective with are; arthritis, congestive heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and muscular dystrophy. Their studies established that creatine is twice as effective as the prescription drug riluzole in expanding the life span of mice with the degenerative neural disease.

Osteoporosis, the disease that generates decreases in bone mass and density, is the new ailment creatine has been discovered to be an effective aid for. As we age our bodies produce less calcium and other minerals which can lead to osteoporosis. During their menopause years, a woman’s drop in estrogen level, compounded with their body’s lower production of calcium, makes them prime candidates and high level sufferers of osteoporosis. It is a silent disease with very few symptoms. Usually without notice a severe backache may develop and following that episode everything begins to head down hill.

Creatine contains phosphocreatine. Bone building cells rely on it as an energy source. Supplementation with creatine increases that energy source, improving your body’s ability to lay down new bone. Remember, osteoporosis causes degeneration in bone mass. Participants experienced marked improvement from osteoporosis symptoms while participating in the study. They also gained muscle and strength. Each was given 1 gram of creatine for every 22 pounds of body weight they possessed. The creatine was taken immediately before each participant’s light aerobic or strength training session. They attended these sessions 3 days a week. Creatine is available without a prescription at most health food stores.

Resource: New Use For An Old Supplement – Men’s Health, October, 2008

Muscle Building Tips – Get the Results You Always Wanted

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

No one is ever born with beautiful, bulky and lean muscles. Having this type of body is something that is acquired through patience, dedication, discipline and a healthy lifestyle.

Most people believe that muscles are built while having the muscle-building workout. But this is not the case. Muscles grow and gain mass during rest and recovery from the workout. This is the reason why a muscle-builder should have ample rest and recovery after a strenuous workout.

Sufficient sleep is one of the keys in muscle building effectiveness. Staying up very late at night will only put into waste all the hard work you’ve done in the gym. It is important that you get adequate sleep to allow your muscle to gain the desired mass naturally. Due to the stress brought about by your workouts, you are entitled to longer hours of sleep than the average person who is not into muscle building.

Do not attempt to make those late night workouts because contrary to what others believe, this will only deprive you of those precious hours for sleep and thus, waste your time and energy with no results at all.

Do not ever over train yourself. If you are a beginner, always make sure that there is an interval between your workouts. Too much exercise will not make your muscle bigger , but rather smaller, because you are not giving it ample time to build those desired mass and bulk, which is only achieved through adequate rest in between workouts. As mentioned earlier, your muscles are built while you are resting and not while you are weightlifting. Designate an interval of one day in between workouts to allow your muscle to build and repair itself.

Another important thing to remember, is that you need to eat plenty of protein-rich food. Do not be afraid of getting too fat because of the amount of food you eat. A person who is into body-building needs more food than the average one. This is because the workouts speed up the body’s metabolic rate.

Eat and eat and eat – just make sure the food has all the nutrients your body need. It is also vital to take vitamin and protein supplements. Just make sure that what you’re taking are not the steroids or other harmful drugs not approved by the Food and Drugs Agency.

To cap it all, muscle-building is not only achieved through weightlifting and other compound movement for exercise. It is always coupled with a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people who are not getting the results they wanted for their body is missing something important.

Modern Culture of Bodybuilding

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Bodybuilding is an art in itself. Body building requires patience and perseverance which very few can match and hence only a few succeed in it in the healthiest and natural way. There was a time when body builders were role models for many. People would try to emulate them and imbibe in their life the way they moved, the way they conducted and the way they maintained their body. Bodybuilding was not restricted to physique only; it was treated as a way to build character. However, times have changed and with it has changed the perception about bodybuilding.

Today bodybuilding has reduced to bulk up of the body with muscles by any means. People do not have the required patience and want to look like superstars in quick time. Body builders are reduced to people with strong muscles and weak character. How often we come across people who have used drugs and steroids to grow muscles. Today bodybuilding is reduced to a body bulking only, and it sums up the sad story of this art. There was a time when people would not mind hitting gym for months with dedication and perseverance. Today every aspiring man wants immediate results in a matter of few weeks. There is no patience left among people to be consistent in their training, in following their diet plan. Earlier bodybuilders used to take in an only natural diet and protein shakes laced with steroids was unimaginable. Bodybuilders do not consider it as an art and an activity, which builds character. It has been reduced to its physical aspect only.

The unfortunate part of bodybuilding is that there are few good instructors, the instructors want to earn quick money and would recommend you protein shakes and steroids no sooner you join a gym. There are very few role models left today in bodybuilding. However, they are not able to change how the present generation think about bodybuilding. The general impression about body builders is that they are unsuccessful in other aspects of life. People believe that the bodybuilders have failed to leave their mark in other aspects of life; which may not be applicable to all?

People believe that body builders are less intelligent and are fit for only those works, which can utilize their muscle power. Earlier bodybuilding was considered a function of the mental ability of the person to stay focused and concentrated for very long period. Those who practiced bodybuilding were considered smart people and people who were bestowed with good qualities. Today they are considered unfit to most of the jobs because of poor attitude and often aggressiveness, which has been borne out of body abuse.

Unfortunately, bodybuilders have also contributed a lot towards changing the attitude of people towards them. They are often in news for all wrong reasons like crimes, scandals and other steroid relate abuses. It is no wonder why people would not look down upon them. Now this is a vicious circle. Once public has negative attitude towards bodybuilders, they find themselves isolated from the rest of the society and indulge further in crimes. Today bodybuilders are considered violent and aggressive. They no longer are the epitome of patience and other virtues.

If there is a way down, there is a way up to. It is entirely in the hands of us to restore its lost glory and raise it to the rightful place in the hearts and minds of people. Body is a wonderful gift, and we should be endeavor to make it more beautiful in most natural possible manners with all humility.

Mechano Growth Factor

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

There’s been much said in recent years about growth hormones and the unfair advantage they might afford to professional athletes. For the most part, they have been made illegal in all professional sports. These are mostly identified as steroids. However, those who are avid body builders are not professional athletes and they still work toward the goal of the “best body”.

It is perfectly acceptable for a body builder that doesn’t compete in athletics to use safe enhancements. Many exercise enthusiasts may have already tried several hormones and enhancement supplements with no effect or even with severe negative side effects. It’s not worth it to risk your health and your life just to get that extra advantage.

You should always fully research anything before you decide to put it into your body, and you should most definitely discuss your decision with a medical professional. Your doctor can tell you if the supplement you’re thinking of taking can have adverse effects.

For that muscle building crowd, there is a Mechano Growth Factor which is said to have tissue repair characteristics. In relation to the IGF gene, the MGF increases the stem cell count within the muscle which encourages the growth of additional adult muscle cells and is pertinent in adult muscle cells development. There is a similar phenomenon within the liver, but its progression is different than the IGF1 that is manifested by the liver.

The largest use of this hormone at present is by muscle builders who concentrate on overall body enhancement and to shore up sagging body parts, such as, upper thighs and biceps. Naturally, this fascination with becoming a muscleman is not new. Jocks who have used the growth hormone, which is said to be injected directly into a muscle, have shown as much as a 20% improvement in the weight and appearance of a muscle within two weeks. MGF additionally increases the body’s ability to retain nitrogen and therefore develop new protein.

Currently, those who use MGF, administer the hormone immediately following a workout session in quantities of 100mcgs/day. It seems to be the modus operandi most body builders prefer for the greatest weight training rewards.

The real test of MGF though will be in its long term affects on the users. Basically, at present there are only a few studies and these have been done with rats.

And then we ask, “Does this stuff really work, and is it worth it?”

How to Get Your Body to Change: Getting Results From Diet and Exercise

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

People are always combing the Internet for information on how to lose weight. What many of them may not realize is that if they really want to learn how to lose weight and actually change their physique, they should study body building. Body builders are extremely knowledgeable on how to manipulate the body’s natural hormone responses, which is what really causes our bodies to change. This includes losing excess body fat, gaining muscle, and losing water weight. How body builders do this is by controlling various lifestyle factors which in turn affect hormones.

People always hear about the word metabolism but don’t necessarily understand what that means. They know that metabolism determines the rate at which you burn calories, but what many people don’t understand is that your metabolism is basically a combination of how well your hormones are reacting to whatever you are doing. The human body has a tendency to adjust to whatever it is you do. That is one of the biggest reasons why it is so difficult for many people to learn how to lose weight. All the different contributing factors have to work in cohesion with one another in order to get the body to change. These factors include your diet, your exercise, and your rest habits.


It is very important to understand what food actually is and how your body uses it. Food basically fits into one of three categories. Those categories are: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle which is why they are vitally important for building and retaining muscle and should be included in a healthy diet. Fats are used in the production of hormones which causes them to be also very important as well. These include healthy fats such as those found in nuts, seeds, avocados, and fish. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of fuel.

Due to popular fad diet trends, many people think the key to losing weight is to cut their carbs completely out which is a very big mistake. Doing so can cause your body to lose muscle as well as cause your metabolism to slow down. Your metabolism slows down because it naturally adjusts itself to coincide with the lower amount of fuel (carbohydrates) your body is getting. If your metabolism slows down, you will basically regain a lot of lost weight as soon as you begin eating as you once did prior to cutting your carbs. Cutting carbs can be used as a tool for losing a certain amount of weight quickly. Many body builders use this tactic when trying to ‘cut’ in order to reach a competition weight. But this is not a good strategy for losing weight for long-term. The key to losing weight healthily as far as diet is concerned, is to choose slower burning carbs. These include whole grain and whole wheat, brown rice, whole fruits and vegetables. The key to losing weight is being able to maintain a steady blood sugar throughout the day and prevent your insulin from spiking.

Hormone A-Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that is produced whenever too much sugar is present in your blood stream. Whenever insulin is spiked, your body cannot burn fat as an energy source. This happens when you eat something which contains a lot of carbs or if you eat a big meal. Whenever insulin is present in your blood, your body is in a fat storage mode. This is because the primary job of insulin is to take all of the excess sugar in your blood and shelter it into your muscles, your organs and whatever is left over gets stored into your fat cells. This is one of the reasons why a lot of health experts recommend eating 5 -6 small healthy meals a day. The idea is that by eating smaller meals, and including protein with each meal, you can control your blood sugar more effectively and thereby lose weight more easily. Protein should be included with each meal because eating a protein along with carbohydrates will slow down the release of sugar of those carbohydrates.

The Notion of Calories

Some people think everything is about calories. The truth is, depending on how much weight you need to lose depends on whether or not you really need to count calories. If you have more than 30 pounds to lose, you need to focus on changing a few of your current lifestyle habits. Once you are at a point where you only have 20 or less lbs to lose, then you need to focus on counting your calories. As most people know, it takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound depending on which direction you’re taking, whether losing weight or gaining muscle. It is also very important to focus on getting the right kind of calories in your diet. In other words, trying to eat clean, nutritionally dense foods and staying away from processed foods.


A lot of people don’t understand that exercise doesn’t directly make you lose weight. You don’t actually burn fat from your body while you’re running on a treadmill for 5 hours. You are burning calories by moving your body and that in turn, will have a direct effect on your weight loss but the amount of calories you burn is nothing in comparison to how quickly you can turn around and re-eat those calories that you just burned from exercise. What body builders know that a lot of people may not know is that exercise is a stimulus for affecting your hormones. Contrary to popular belief, ‘killing’ yourself in the gym with strenuous exercise is just as ineffective as not putting forth enough effort and this is why:

Hormone B- Cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone which has a lot of functions within the body, one of which is related to our stress coping abilities. Cortisol is secreted when our body has been under prolonged amounts of stress. When this happens, cortisol will prevent you from being able to burn fat as an energy source and instead, your body will burn sugar and muscle. The reason why this happens is because fat is a much slower burning energy source than sugar. Because your body knows this, when it’s put under prolonged stress, it will tap into the most readily available quickest source of energy that it has. First it will deplete all your sugars, then it will break down the protein in your muscle and convert it into sugar. Whatever excess sugar you have left over, oftentimes will end up around your midsection. This is because the cortisol will cause the fat in your midsection to get bigger in order to protect your vital organs while you’re under stress. This is why exercise should not be long and strenuous or too hard on the body; and also why you should make sure that you eat enough healthy calories to fuel you when you workout. Natural body builders know that in order to see results from exercise they have to make sure that they don’t cause their cortisol levels in their body to soar.

Types of Exercise

There are two basic types of exercise and these are: Anaerobic (strength training) and aerobic (cardiovascular training). Many people think cardio exercise is much more effective for burning fat. Although cardio exercise is great, in comparison it is not necessarily better than strength training when it comes to losing weight. Cardio will help to strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular endurance which is important for being fit and healthy. It will help you burn calories, but strength training is much more effective when it comes to causing your hormones to become stimulated. In an exercise program, you should include both, depending on what your goals are. If you’re mainly trying to lose weight, a regimen which includes both of these forms of exercise is a great way to go. If you’re interested in gaining muscle, you should minimize the amount of cardio that you do as it may cause you to lose the muscle that you just built.

The reason why strength training can be much more effective for losing weight is because when you break down your muscles by applying some form of resistance to them (lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises,) you cause small tears in your muscles which then have to be repaired. While your body is repairing the torn tissue, it uses a lot of calories in the process. This is why strength training can cause you to burn calories as much as 48 hours after your workout and this is also why after a hard workout, your body feels sore.

Hormone C & D: Testosterone & Growth Hormone

Testosterone is the hormone which is secreted that makes men’s muscles grow big. Woman also have testosterone in their body as do men have estrogen, but woman do not have as much testosterone receptors therefore, women should not worry about how lifting weights may cause them to get bulky and huge muscles. Oftentimes, this is not possible. In order to stimulate testosterone levels you have to put your muscles under some type of resistance. After a good quality workout, when you go to sleep at night, your body will produce growth hormone which is responsible for repairing and rejuvenating your muscles to be stronger and fitter than before. This is how your body uses calories at night when you sleep and this is also how you will get your body to ultimately change.


Stress plays a huge factor when trying to change your physique because too much stress can have a negative impact on your exercise and dieting efforts. The importance of resting is extremely vital if you want to see results in your physique because without it, your body will never have a chance to recuperate itself and therefore change.


The quality of sleep a person gets is very important because without enough good sleep, your body will not have a chance to secrete the most amount of growth hormone in order for you to reap the benefits of it. It is also important to note that growth hormone and insulin cannot co-exist at the same time, which is another reason why it is so highly important to maintain a steady blood sugar through diet in order to minimize the chances of having your insulin levels spiked. It is best to get at least seven to eight hours of good sleep . Many people do not know how to make sleep a priority. There’s no real way to tell someone what they should do to make sleep a priority. To make sleep a priority it requires putting an actual effort into making sure that you go to sleep at a good time and also that you don’t have distracters in your bedroom which would cause you to have a lesser amount of sleep. Also, you should try minimizing the amount of stimulants you give your body such as caffeine and nicotine among many other types of stimulants.


Another part of resting is making sure that you give your mind the ability to rest itself through recreation. This can be as simple as taking a relaxing walk through the park or going on a vacation, spending time with loved ones, playing sports just for fun, or going to a museum. There are unlimited ways to experience recreation and doing so will have a drastic affect on your stress levels which will help you to achieve the overall health and the physique that you want. Many people don’t realize how high their stress levels really are. If you don’t make it a priority to reduce those stress levels, adding exercise and a strict diet on top of the stressed out lifestyle that you already have will only add more stress. Therefore it is highly important that you learn how to relax not only your body but your mind also.

How to Build Muscle Definition

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Figuring out how to build muscle definition is a key component to learn before you begin a body building program.

Once you’ve learned how muscles grow and work, you will be on your way to building muscle definition.

Why Do Bodybuilders Look Good?

Do they look so good because they have an incredibly low percentage of body fat? Low body fat percentage is one thing that bodybuilders have in common with a lot of skinny people. Obviously it has a lot to do with the massive amount of lean muscle mass they have.

Learn How to Build Muscle

Many people are forced to wonder how to build muscle definition in an impressive manner. Obviously the average person is not looking to pile on fifty pounds of muscle the way that body builders do, but, the average mans path to building muscle definition is the same one that a body builder walks down with the main difference being that the average man needs to work the routine in a significantly less intensive manner.

How Muscles Grow

Muscles grow by being overworked. That means that when you lift weights you are going to overload your muscles. Since the muscle doesn’t really enjoy being over worked it will end up growing bigger in order to make lifting that weight easier. Therefore lifting heavy weights correctly will make your muscles grow.

Keep in mind, though, that the muscles don’t grow when you are lifting weights. In actuality they grow while your body is resting. This means that you will be building muscle definition while you sleep as long as you worked out that week.

You also need to understand that if you workout too often and don’t give your body the correct amount of rest you will not be able to build muscle. In fact, you may lose muscle and that is not the look you are after when trying to build muscle definition.

Therefore if you workout for on three or four days a week for a reasonable amount of time (for example one hour) and you do this consistent you will build muscle definition.

Maintaining this level of commitment and discipline may sound simple enough, but many people can not put the commitment in and therefore fall short of their goal to gain muscle definition. If you do commit to a quality workout program, you will see the rewards.

The Necessary Steps to Build Muscle Definition

There are a lot of ways in which you can build muscle definition and through intelligent weight training it will be easy to build muscle mass and gain weight fast.

However, before you attempt anything, you should make sure that you are determined and that you posses the patience because the best results are not going to come to overnight.

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