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Cod Liver Oil – Yuck

Friday, August 8th, 2014

“I’m feeling very sick.
Ill, chills, no thrills.”
Mom knows best.
Mom says,
“Time for your COD LIVER OIL!”
And I say,
“NO! NO! NO!”
“All of a sudden
I’m feeling much better.
It must be the weather.
You’ve cured me.”
But mom says,
“You look ill.
You look sick.
Time to take
The Cod Liver Oil quick.”
And I say,
“NO! NO! NO!”
“My lips are sealed.
I’d rather die
Then drink that junk.
And that’s no lie.”
But mom says,
“It’s beneficial.
It’s great.
Omega 3
Get that straight.”
And I say,
“NO! NO! NO!”
And mouth still open
Wouldn’t you know
She poured it in my mouth.
“Look out below.
Now my dear sweet son
You’ll feel much better.”
But the cod liver oil
Tasted like worn out leather.
Eventually, I got over my cold.
I felt real healthy and it showed.
As for cod liver oil,
All I can say,
“Don’t bring it back.
Take it away.
I’d rather be sick
Then drink that stuff again.
Next time just give it
To a bully named Ben.
Let Ben drink this potion from hell.
Its time that somebody rang his bell.”

Benefits of Arctic Cod Liver Oil

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Cold and flu season is upon us and if you’re like most people, you’re especially concerned this year about H1N1 flu in addition to the typical seasonal flu. Luckily, Vitamin D can often be as effective as a flu shot at fighting off the flu and can increase your immunity for other illnesses too! Arctic cod liver oil is a great source of Vitamin D and other great nutrients, so let’s examine some advantages of this incredible whole food.

Arctic Cod Liver Oil and D and Vitamin A

Vitamin D and Vitamin A are both fat-soluble vitamins that are critical for the health of your immune system and your well being. Arctic cod liver oil not only contains both, it contains each vitamin in a precise ratio that increases the effectiveness of both vitamins. Additionally, since cod liver oil is naturally full of these vitamins, you’ll be getting your nutrients from a much more easily synthesized source than most vitamins in the store (which are manufactured in a lab).

Cod Liver Oil- Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

Not only is Arctic cod liver oil high in vitamins that will help you fight off anything that comes your way, it’s also high in Omega 3 fatty acids. This healthy type of fat is difficult to find in a standard American’s diet, so supplementation is important. Among other advantages, Omega 3s reduce inflammation in the body, and it’s this inflammation that can lead to all kinds of illnesses, even cancer. Arctic cod liver oil is rich in a very easy to absorb type of these fatty acids, as opposed to flax seed oil or other plant sources which tend to be a bit more difficult to assimilate.

Arctic Cod Liver Oil’s Other Benefits

In an era of synthetic foods and vitamins, Arctic cod liver oil is a healthy, cost effective whole food full of great nutrients. Cod liver oil is the only fish oil that has naturally occurring Vitamin D, and it’s a traditional food in many cultures, dating back to even the Roman Empire, where each soldier was given a ration of the cod liver oil before battle.

Thinking about trying some Arctic cod liver oil for yourself? Make sure it’s actually cod liver oil and not just fish oil. Arctic cod liver oil definitely deserves a place in everyone’s diet, but it’s particularly critical during this time of year when viruses and bacteria are running rampant.