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Teeth Whitening – the Basics

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Teeth whitening is becoming more popular these days. A large number of people in various countries are opting for whitening procedures to improve their appearance and smile. Only a few years back, they were not easily affordable and available. They were not only costly but also very difficult to find. Additionally many dental insurance companies will not provide cover for whitening procedures. However, things have changed now and almost all dental clinics offer whitening as an option. Whitening procedures are popular because they provide measurable results. If you have discolored teeth, they are a very good option. By opting for teeth whitening procedures, you can not only improve your appearance but also gain confidence.

As evident from the name, whitening procedures are dental procedures to make the teeth whiter. Better teeth whitening techniques came about as a result of developments in the field of dentistry. For example, laser whitening is a new technique that is much more effective when compared with conventional whitening techniques. It has not yet gained popularity, but in the future we can expect it to become much more easily available.

Teeth get stained for a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons include improper oral hygiene, eating habits, cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol. Mineral deficiencies can also cause teeth discoloration. Whitening procedures are effective against stains caused by all of these causes.

Teeth whitening is simple to perform. In the first step, the dentist will determine if teeth whitening procedures are a good option in your case by performing an examination. If he believes that whitening procedures are a good option for you, he’ll proceed with the procedure.

Bleaching agents are applied to the teeth by using a tray and allowed to remain for one hour. Bleaching agents are unstable and so breakdown to release oxygen. The oxygen reacts with the stains hidden in the pores of the teeth and neutralizes them. In the process, the normal color of teeth is restored.

Teeth whitening is comparatively safe. There are no side effects associated with it. On the minus side, however, it can be a little costly. But there are a number of alternative options. One such option is to use an at-home whitening kit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it but you will get very good results with it.

Methods Used to Whiten Your Teeth

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

If you want to whiten your teeth, there are plenty of options available. Not only do numerous products populate the local drug store, but you can also solicit your dentist for teeth whitening assistance. But which method is best? And what does each entail?

At-Home Teeth Whitening

The first option to whiten your teeth is at-home whitening systems. These usually consist of a collection of plastic trays designed to slip over your teeth and tubs of hydrogen peroxide gel, which is the agent used to bleach your teeth.

At-home teeth whitening systems are the least expensive type, but the gel is less concentrated so it might take several days (or even weeks) before you see any changes. Prices range from under $25 to more than $100, depending on brand, potency and application.

When you use at-home systems to whiten your teeth, make sure to follow the directions carefully and give yourself plenty of time to get the hang of the process. This form of teeth whitening can be very messy for the uninitiated and you might feel awkward at first.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

The second method to whiten your teeth is take-home teeth whitening products you get from your dentist. These are usually more potent than the over-the-counter versions you find at the drug store, but they are also more expensive.

Take-home teeth whitening systems have another distinct advantage over the at-home version: They include mouth pieces that are specifically designed to fit your teeth. Your dentist will take a mold before issuing the kit, and it will allow you to apply the gel more thoroughly and accurately.

You will probably spend between $75 and $200 on take-home teeth whitening kits, but you won’t have to use them as long as over-the-counter versions. They are also more comfortable because they fit your mouth, and are less likely to cause gum irritation.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Finally, you can also use the in-office teeth whitening system, which involves letting your dentist whiten your teeth while you sit in the chair. A similar-but more potent-peroxide gel is placed on your teeth, and the dentist will use a laser to quickly activate the gel.

This is the most expensive teeth whitening option, and generally costs between $500 and $1,000 per session, depending on your dentist. It is faster, however, and many patients see improvement after the first one-hour session, and rarely more than a few sessions are needed.

It is important to realize, however, that no method used to whiten your teeth is permanent. If you have coffee or wine stains on your teeth, but you continue to drink wine or coffee after having your teeth whitened, the stains will likely reappear.

Laser Teeth Whitening – Advantages & Disadvantages. Is it Right for You?

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Your teeth suffer from so many things that can cause discoloration that you need some kind of solution for it. Laser technology has become a recent solution to teeth problems like tooth decay, gum disease, lesion and biopsy removal, and also in teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is activated by emanating energy from a laser-peroxide bleach solution that is put onto the surface of your teeth or a tooth.

With the use of laser technology, it speeds up the total process in which the teeth whitening procedure takes placewhen compared with other teeth whitening systems, which can be very slow.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the laser teeth whitening system.

A laser teeth whitener has a great advantage in whitening your teeth as it provides a very effective whitening treatmentand does wonders for your teeth leaving you feeling great. This is accomplished with the help of a peroxide solution that is a strong agent and receives its powerful activating energy from the laser.

Laser whitening of teeth is a great dental tool as it does its job very efficiently. It provides a more speedy recovery after you have had the teeth whitening procedure and it can be done at your convenience. With everyone being short of time these days, this is a quick, fast and reliable procedure so you can just come up with a date and get started at a time that is convenient for you.

If we look at the disadvantages of laser teeth whitening then you will find that user this technology for whitening teeth is not for everyone.Some people are very sensitive to this process and when they get treated with a laser system they may start having irritation or gum problems, as well as other kinds of teeth complications.

To overcome any such problems you must make sure that you get yourself tested first to determine whether you are sensitive towards this laser treatment or not. Due to this disadvantage, some people are unable to take advantage of this opportunity to get treated by this method. It is better to take precautions than to have to suffer later on.

If you are able to take advantage of the laser teeth whitening technology, you are sure to get whiter and more sparkling teeth which will leave feeling more confident and less self-conscious. You will feel more comfortable when you are out, be it at a meeting or a friend’s party.

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Teeth whitening has become a very popular trend lately. People have spent lots of money getting teeth whitening treatments from professionals that don’t last very long.

Maybe people should be reminded that human teeth were not meant to be an artificially bleached, brilliant white color. The natural color of human teeth tends more towards an ivory tone. For those who seek that brilliant white tint, but don’t want to pay a lot of money or spend time in the dentist’s chair there are lots of home remedies that will whiten your teeth.

These methods are cheap and easy, but you should be smart and check with your dentist before trying any home remedy to whiten your teeth. Some of these remedies that sound plausible might cause real damage to your teeth or health. Be cautious when trying home teeth whitening remedies.

First of all, having good dental hygiene habits is an important first step. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss and visit your dentist for cleanings twice a year. Not everyone knows that an electric toothbrush will remove far more plaque than you can remove by brushing your teeth manually. Home teeth whitening begins with establishing good habits such as brushing your teeth after eating, rinsing with mouthwash and avoiding foods that stain your teeth such as coffee, wine, and blueberries. The most effective remedy for teeth whitening is preventing stains from occurring.

The Internet has many web sites and forums that contain information about teeth whitening at home. Many of these sites that list different home remedies for teeth whitening are basically compilations of recipes that people have submitted after trying them at home themselves. These are by no means professional formulations and some of the ideas really don’t make much sense. You can take a look at these sites to get ideas for home remedies for teeth whitening, and then you should really talk to your dentist and get tips from him or her about how you should whiten your teeth at home. Some of the recipes for home teeth whitening that you will find on these sites can include ingredients that many people have in their homes already such as table salt, baking soda, peroxide, vinegar, lemon and strawberries.

You can find at home teeth whitening systems available that use trays where you apply the teeth whitening product onto trays and then wear the trays on your teeth. Other methods of teeth whitening use adhesive strips that apply the teeth whitening substance directly to your teeth.

So, there are lots of ways to whiten your teeth at home. You can try some home remedies, or purchase ready made products. The best advice is to keep your teeth clean and avoid eating foods that can stain or discolor them.

Homemade Remedies for Whitening Teeth

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Many of us are looking for a way to whiten our teeth so we can have a brighter and healthier looking smile. But as you can see whenever you go into any store, the products that are available on the market can leave your pocket full of lint. From particular tooth pastes and special gels to teeth whitening kits, the teeth whitening industry has really sunk their teeth into our pocketbooks when it comes to improving our appearance.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are products available that area cost friendly that will help brighten your smile. There are also tons of home remedies that you can use. These remedies are fairly simple and can be done with products you already have around your house.

Below you’ll see several tips for whitening your teeth at home. These tips and techniques have been proven over time to be very effective and the necessary products can already be found in your kitchen and bathroom areas.

1- Take a dab of baking soda and mix it with warm water to form a paste. Use this paste instead of toothpaste and brush your teeth or apply it with a finger. You should keep this paste on your teeth for approximately 3 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Try doing this opposite of your regular brushing. If you brush with toothpaste in the morning, use this at night and vice versa.

2 – Use an orange peel to whiten your teeth. Take the peel of a freshly peeled orange and rub the white pulpy side on your teeth. The ascorbic acid will help remove the stains and you should see a healthy smile within 1 to 2 weeks.

3 – Take apple cider vinegar and use it as a mouthwash or paste. You can use it as a mouthwash but gargling 1-2 tablespoons after or before brushing. Or you can mix this with baking soda and create a paste that you can use to brush your teeth with.

You can also mix it with salt (although this will leave an unpleasant taste) and use the mixture a toothpaste and brush your teeth with this.

So let’s recap our homemade baking formulas. First you can try a basic compound of baking soda and warm water paste. Next you can take an orange peel and rub the white inside of it on your teeth like a polisher. Finally, try apple cider vinegar with either baking soda or salt to create a paste or just gargle with a couple tablespoons of vinegar as a mouthwash.

I hope these tips are helpful in your journey for finding homemade teeth whitening remedies. Use wisely and good look with that bright smile.

Dangers and Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

What are some of the possible dangers of teeth whitening? Know about all of the possible problems, risks and side effects you might come across if you go through this particular process.

Nowadays, teeth whitening is a very popular process for both men and women who want to get a brighter and whiter smile. It also happens to be the easiest and quickest way to get rid of tooth discoloration and stains, and the majority of people who put products for teeth whitening to use have not suffered any side effects from teeth whitening whatsoever.

However, when strong chemicals like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are used in gels of teeth bleaching and are then applied to the teeth, you need to know that there can be risks associated to teeth whitening then. Here are some dangers of teeth whitening you should know about.

If you accidentally get some whitening gel in your mouth, it will probably irritate soft tissues in there along with your lips, gums and tongue. For several people, this peroxide can also make their teeth more sensitive to cold and hot liquids, even resulting in pain. Plus, if you swallow some of this gel by accident, you could end up suffering from stomach upset, nausea or vomiting.

In several cases of laser teeth whitening, some lip blistering, burning and swelling can be experienced, too, while several teeth whitening home remedies could damage teeth enamel and bring about tooth decay if used in the wrong amount and way. The process of tooth whitening isn’t advised for lactating or pregnant women, either, since accidental gel swallowing could affect the teeth of the unborn or breastfeeding child.

Another side effect that may come with teeth whitening would be tooth sensitivity. This is usually temporary and only occurs when cold or hot drinks are encountered, though. Teeth become ultra sensitive during this process because of the enamel surface that is filled with nerves and gets exposed to outer stimuli like a high peroxide concentration to get the best effect out of teeth whitening. Several people who are more sensitive will be more affected than other people and will usually experience tooth pain after whitening for days.

These are only some dangers of teeth whitening out there. Overall, however, teeth whitening would still be considered as a safe dental process when done the right way. So choose your dentist wisely.

Cheap Teeth Whitening. Whiten Teeth for a Few Dollars

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Teeth whitening products and treatments are big business. These range from toothpaste and gels that cost twenty dollars to doctor office visits that can cost hundreds. They all cost more than I want to spend. Here is safe method I found that will brighten your smile for fewer than five dollars.

All you need is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and some q-tips. Hydrogen peroxide can be found in most medicine cabinets and is used to kill germs. You could buy some for a dollar at any grocery. You can get q-tips for a few dollars bull all you really need is a cloth. You can find baking soda in the kitchen or grocery for a similar price. Mix the two into a paste and you are ready to go!

Brush and floss your teeth well before proceeding. Use the q-tip to apply a film of the paste you have made over your front teeth. You will immediately feel a slight burn but don’t worry. Try and keep the paste away from your lips. Feel free to spit if your mouth starts to water. Don’t touch the paste! Flare out your lips and leave it on for twenty minutes then rinse.

I found immediate results when I was done. My teeth were whiter. It even brightened areas around dental work that I found hard to clean. There was one spot that I had brushed, scratched and picked at to clean. It was a dark stain in the middle of my smile. It disappeared after the treatment. I tried it several times after the first but with diminishing returns. Now I use it regularly on the hard to clean dental work. I clean all the teeth once a month.

I shared this new secret with my family and they all had good results. It helps to take a good look at your teeth in a good light so you can tell if it has helped. I always end up mixing too much. You will have plenty to conduct this experiment. I have bought hydrogen peroxide toothpaste and a teeth whitener that came with a tray. I found my home mix to be just as effective if not more potent. Still, I wouldn’t recommend doing this everyday. If you have yellow teeth with decay you might not be able to brighten them much. This may not fix a cavity or avoid a root canal but it will brighten up your smile.

Best Teeth Whitening Procedures in the Market

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming more and more popular these days. Many people are opting for them to improve the smile. Stained and discolored teeth can completely ruin your smile and appearance. We place a lot of importance on beauty. Whitening procedures have become more accessible and easily available today. You don’t even have to visit the dentist now — you can just purchase an at-home whitening kit and do the procedure yourself. Teeth whitening procedures are very safe and at the same time provide positive results.

Many different types of whitening products are available in the market today. Dentists also perform different types of whitening procedures. The main difference between these procedures and products is the type of bleaching agent used. This is what makes for the differences in quality. The procedures performed at the dental clinic are usually more effective when compared to at-home whitening products. This is because dentists use higher concentrations of bleaching agents. The concentration of bleaching agents found in at-home teeth whitening kits is very low and so effective results are not so openly evident. However, they are a cheaper and can be tried without any side effects. Giving them a try is worth the money.

The basic principle involved behind teeth whitening procedures is very simple. The bleaching agent is applied over the teeth and allowed to stay for some time. Teeth get discolored because of formation of stains in the pores of the enamel layer. The bleaching agents penetrate the pores and destroy the stains hidden there. Thus the normal color of the teeth is restored.

Thanks to new developments in the field of dentistry, better whitening techniques are becoming available today. Of all the whitening techniques, laser whitening is the most efficient. As the name indicates, it uses energy from a laser beam to whiten the teeth. It is quite similar to conventional whitening techniques but uses a laser beam. The bleaching agent used in laser whitening is light-sensitive. It absorbs energy from the laser beam, dissociates and bleaches the teeth. Laser whitening is currently the best whitening procedure.

If you’re thinking of a whitening procedure, it is best to go for laser whitening. It can be little costly and dental coverage may not apply, but the results are much better. In other words, it is the best procedures available the market today.