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Quit Smoking and Lose Weight with Simple Changes in Your Diet

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Are dietary changes going to stop your nicotine cravings? Probably not. But, simple changes you can make in your diet can make cigarettes less palatable and therefore, make them taste bad so you may have an easier time saying no to them.

Some of you non-smokers may not believe that there are foods that make cigarettes taste good, or taste better. I personally gave up smoking ten years ago. I was just a social smoker anyway. Now I can’t even stand to be within 30 feet of someone lighting up, but back in the day, drinking and smoking went hand in hand. Now I know why.

Duke University researchers found out that certain foods make cigarettes tastier. Among those foods were alcoholic beverages, which accounts for those who just end up smoking when they drink. Also on the list of foods were caffeinated beverages and meat.

There were foods that were found to make cigarettes taste worse and these are the foods you should increase to help you stop smoking. It will make the cigarettes less appealing taste wise, which may give you the kick start you need to drop the cigarettes altogether. The foods tended to be fruits and vegetables, no caffeinated beverages like water and juice, dairy beverages like milk and dairy foods.

The study also found that smokers tend to have poorer diets than non-smokers. In all likelihood, this is because the foods that complement cigarettes tend to be unhealthier foods for you to consume. Smokers who are severely addicted and are not looking for a way to quit will make those food choices based on how they experience cigarettes and food as a whole. It appears that those who smoke are going to make poor food choices because of the taste factor and also those who smoke are probably less likely to be concerned with other areas related to a healthy lifestyle.

When someone decides to quit smoking, they are probably going to be looking to make positive health changes in other areas. Thus, changes in diet that would naturally occur when someone chooses healthier foods, will end up aiding in the decision to quit smoking by creating a negative taste association when experienced together.

For those people who have avoided smoking cessation programs because they fear weight gain, I recommend having healthy snacks on hand. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are all healthy snack foods that allow you to meet the need you feel to have something in your mouth . These will replace the need to have a cigarette in your mouth while at the same time making any cigarettes you smoke less tasty to you, doing double duty for your health.


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Easy Ways to Lose Weight After You Quit Smoking

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

If you’ve managed to quit the smoking habit, you might have gained a few pounds as your body adjusts to the change. Many people even use smoking as an excuse to keep extra weight off, but if you’ve taken steps to turn yourself into a former smoker, there are plenty of ways to lose weight sensibly and reduce the chances of gaining weight for the long run. Here are ten ways to continue on your journey towards better health by minimizing weight gain and even losing a few pounds in the process:

Lose Weight by Following a Structured Meal Plan
Now that you’re not fighting cravings for cigarettes all day, you may start turning to food for comfort instead. Stick with a structured meal plan that provides ample nutrition so you’re not stuck with food cravings; eating a balanced diet actually reduces the chances of cravings and overeating, so you won’t be at the mercy of sugar and fattening foods as you start to work off the weight.

Lose Weight by Increasing Your Exercise Routine
Losing weight with exercise is one of the best ways to keep it off for good, but you do need to follow a fairly intensive routine to get the process started. This varies by individual, and you can find out what works best by simply trying different routines until a few ‘stick.’ Aim for at least 3-4 sessions of cardio per week, along with 2-3 sessions of weight training. This will be enough to boost your metabolism into high gear, and will also improve your mood. Smoking does provide a temporary (and unhealthy) ‘high’, but you can enjoy a better mood boost with regular exercise instead.

Lose Weight by Counting Calories
If you’ve never glanced at nutrition facts and calorie charts before, this will be a valuable exercise in learning how to manage your daily diet. Learn how many calories really are in that ‘healthy salad’ from the café so you’re not loading up your diet with all the wrong food choices. The easiest way to manage your diet is simply to cook and prepare foods for yourself whenever possible; this will give you more control over the ingredients, and you can set up a customized meal plan to stick with for the long run.

Lose Weight with Healthy Snacks
Most former smokers find they are a lot hungrier than usual; this is because nicotine does work fairly well as an appetite suppressant, and as soon as this wears off, hunger pangs can become fairly intense. The best ‘cure’ for this is to simply eat 2-3 health snacks throughout the day; this keeps your blood sugar levels stable and prevents an overeating frenzy at the next meal.

Lose Weight with a Coach or Personal Trainer
If you’re not confident about your motivation level, enlist the help of a coach or personal trainer to help you tough it out. Just having one person help you get through the rough spots can really keep your motivation in high gear, and you’re much more likely to stick with a plan when someone can hold you accountable. Find a coach or trainer in your community that specializes in weight management or even smoking cessation; the investment could be well worth it.

Lose Weight with Sugar-Free Candy
Many former smokers turn to candy to manage cravings, but this can quickly lead to weight gain (pure sugar!); reach for the sugar-free candy whenever possible so you can curb that sweet tooth without the extra calories. Just avoid aspartame-infused candy that has its own set of health hazards; today it’s easier to find alternative sweeteners such as Splenda and stevia that don’t present as many dangers as other artificial sweeteners.

Whether you choose to make a few more appointments with the treadmill, or take the steps to fill your candy jar with sugar-free candy, you’ll need a plan to start losing weight after you quit smoking. Move towards even better health with any or all of these choices after you’ve quit smoking for good.

100 Free or Low Cost Ways to Stay Busy While Trying to Lose Weight or Quit Smoking

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

It’s Your Life!

If you are trying to lose weight or quit smoking, here are 100 ways to keep busy, stay productive, and drop those unwanted pounds, or cigarettes, just as I did. Feel free to add your own solutions to my tried-and-true list.

1. Try a new make-up look

2. Try a new hair cut/style

3. Learn how to cut your children’s hair

4. Learn how to cut your own hair

5. Decoratively embroider clothes as you mend them

6. Crochet a muffler

7. Crochet an afghan

8. Knit a shawl

9. Knit a sweater

10. Learn how to make pizza

11. Bake bread (bake an extra loaf for hungry friends or neighbors, and deliver it)

12. Bake cookies, or cupcakes

13. Plant a garden

14. Plant fruit trees, or berry bushes

15. Decorate your room

16. Sew an outfit

17. Sew a decorator pillow

18. Make a braided rug

19. Weave a basket

20. Throw a pot on a potter’s wheel

21. Paint a picture

22. Take photographs

23. Model for professional pictures

24. Make crafts with your kids

25. Take a class at church, or local community college

26. Read a book

27. Put on headphones and listen to music

28. Take a bubble bath

29. Put on a self-tanning product

30. Paint your fingernails and toenails

31. Get a professional manicure or pedicure

32. Go horseback riding

33. Take a drive

34. Go hiking in the mountains

35. Go skiing

36. Go to the beach or lake

37. Go surfing or shell-collecting

38. Make shell crafts

39. Watch a video

40. Clean the house

41. Sweep your porch

42. Rake leaves

43. Shovel snow

44. Take the kids to the park

45. Wash your pets (and cage/house if necessary)

46. Wash the car

47. Write a poem

48. Write a letter

49. Write a novel

50. Organize your photos

51. Back-up your photos onto disc

52. Scrapbook your photos

53. Organize closets

54. Donate used clothes, shoes, and other items to the needy

55. Volunteer locally

56. Paint your kitchen

57. Wallpaper or border your living room

58. Learn how to make decorative soaps

59. Learn how to sew

60. Start a patchwork quilt

61. Finish making that quilt (or afghan)

62. Mend an heirloom quilt

63. Start a windowsill herb garden

64. Dry and crush your own herbs

65. Make potpourri from herbs and dried flowers

66. Make scented oils from dried flowers

67. Exercise

68. Go for a run

69. Walk the dogs

70. Learn yoga

71. Compose a song

72. Learn to play an instrument

73. Practice playing a musical instrument

74. Do the laundry

75. Do the dishes

76. Clean out the refrigerator

77. Clean the oven

78. Iron clothes

79. Clean out your fireplace

80. Make a movie on your cell phone

81. Accessorize outfits, and then hang them together in your closet

82. Make your own jewelry

83. Nail-polish-paint worn out sunglasses frames

84. Give your face a masque or scrub (using natural kitchen foods)

85. Prepare for disasters or emergencies

86. Read the Bible

87. Pray

88. Go to church

89. Move to a new neighborhood

90. Start (or stop) dating

91. Fall in love

92. Write love letters

93. Hold hands

94. Hold that “special someone” very close

95. Get engaged

96. Plan a wedding

97. Get married

98. Love deeply

99. Laugh often

100. Have children (The very reason you gained weight, or started smoking in the first place!)

So go back to number 1, and start all over again. Children and life are blessings to be enjoyed in 1-to-100 ways, so cope with it by staying busy!

Your Diet for Life. A Weight Loss Diet Plan that You Can Embrace for Life

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Hello dear reader. You want to lose weight but you don’t wish to to waste your time trying yet another diet fad that won’t work.

You are tired of all the diet plans which claim perfect results so you are ready for something real. The first thing you need to do is figure out a natural goal for the real you.

You must remember that losing weight is different for each person. The entertainment industry would have you study that unless you are passing size 0 and so nearly skeletal you have not achieved the ideal weight loss goal. This is a huge lie.

To achieve your correct weight a realistic fat loss goal should be the one you set out to achieve. Successful weight loss requires permanent changes to your eating habits and physical activity. This means you must find a weight loss diet that you can embrace for life.

So let’s say you read about a great sounding diet in a magazine article, and it requires taking in a lot fewer carbohydrates. On the surface you are busting to lose ideal weight but deep down you know you can not stand to give up pizza night. Which part of you do you think will win out in the end? Would Garfield give up lasagna?

There are several effective diet plans that you could tailor to you and that is the true key to finding diet plans that really work. You will also need to consider changing your current favourite meals to healthier versions that still taste fabulous! Will power is a huge myth, all those folks did better than anyone else was find the diet that fit their work schedule.

A great way you can make sure a diet plan work for you is by seeking out the help of others who are going through with the same battle as you are. Friends, a family member, or weight loss groups can be good for this. It is harder to make an excuse if you have to tell someone other than yourself.

You should’nt fall for the ‘myths’ of weight loss. One you might have heard before is not to eat at night. This is not true unless you have had three large meals during the day. The truth is that if you spread your meals out into smaller portions several times a day, you can eat later and feel more satisfied and less guilty for doing so.

Another typical myth is if you cheat or cut a day on your diet you will fail completely. The truth is that if you cave in one day and go to the fair and have that treat, you can go right back to your good habits the next day and be just great. Also if you notice that you stopped losing weight for a couple weeks, you can have a cheat day to help kick start your weight loss again.

Look into the variety types of diet plans out there. Find the ones that offer life long plans for staying at your best weight. Do not stay on diet’s that suggest you don’t consume one type of food for a prolonged period of time with the exception of “fake” foods like processed candy.

Keep in mind these little hints and you will be well on your way to a healthier life. Remember to always be good to yourself and do not give in!

The One Diet that Worked to Lose Weight

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

No one ever said it was going to be easy. It would take discipline, be stressful to adhere to, and might take months or longer to see any results. But, I was 250 lbs. and going nowhere but up. Living in the Midwest, especially in Ohio, its easier to ignore that you need to lose weight. There’s not much peer pressure. Most of the population was just like me and there were very few people here trying to impress anyone.

Trying to lose weight was for me. It was a personal project. I was 39-years-old at the time, when you feel as if time and opportunity is starting to get by you for the first time in your life. So, that had me thinking about what the extra weight was doing to me physically, and what may be going on inside that I wasn’t aware of. I started right at the height of the low carbohydrate frenzy. All the books were out, I read all about these type diets on the web as well and finally just caved in and bought “the Atkins diet” and “the south beach diet” so I could have some type of guide right there in my hands. I read through these books quickly and found that it might just be best to start eating the foods they suggested, in the right quantities prescribed and get into ketosis, where fat would be used for energy. I took a leap of faith at that time and followed the foods and quantities to the letter.

Life was very difficult for the first couple of weeks. It is tough to get those carbs out of your diet, and my family was still very much into them. Denying myself the foods that I had eaten for my entire life was a challenge. I was determined this time to fight and stay on this low carb path though, no matter what. After losing 13 pounds in about 15 days, I had enough motivation to know that something was working here! This pace was due to water weight being eliminated, but after 3 months it was still coming off fast and I was down to 225. The comments began, and they were great! “Have you lost weight?”, “You look different, your face is thinner”, and so on…these continued to reinforce my positive attitude and commitment to eating a low carb diet. After almost a year, I was down to 177 and eating a few of those “cheater” foods here and there, but strict as ever. I also became more educated about glycemic indexes and cut back on all meat and cheese and began to watch the heavy fats. (Also known as “more fruits, vegetables and salads”).

I kept at this diet for three years. It worked for me and I stayed in the 180’s, where I still look very thin, but not anorexic. I will admit that I was not exercising a lot during this and that may have made the results move even faster. My blood pressure went down to normal, from borderline high, and I felt quick and had abundant energy the whole time. My family seemed to hate me as I didn’t eat a few birthday cakes, favorite recipes at the holidays and cut alcohol down to only an occasional low carb beer, two at the most. Was this a success? Yes, as I looked and felt good for about three years. Afterward I began to cheat more and more, I felt that I could gain a few pounds and would be able to handle it. A few more…turned into getting back up to where I was originally and it took about two years. little by little to overturn all that will power from before.

This is my story of the only time I had success losing weight on a diet. I did try some others, (low fat, high exercise, more fruits and veggies, etc), but the low carb method is the only one I was able to make work and stay on for enough time to see 75 pounds come off and stay off. It was worth it, it was so great to fit into smaller clothes, getting positive comments and having women say they were noticing. I am thinking of doing it again soon to try to get healthier and look better than ever!

The Best Diet. Lose Weight and Feel Great

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

I am not a professional, and I don’t have the credentials to write a fancy diet book-but I have been overweight and out of shape and I have made changes in my life to feel better.

Dieting is a lifestyle change, pure and simple. Follow these steps and you will not only loose weight, but you feel much better. Even doing one of these steps alone will help you loose weight, but implementing all three steps as a lifestyle change will do the trick.

1. Control your portions

2. Eat healthier foods

3. Keep a food journal

4. Exercise

Control your Portions

Most people don’t even realize that they are eating too much. One of the best ways to loose weight is simply to eat less. I don’t mean starving yourself, but instead of eating until you are full, just eat until you are satisfied.

Eat Healthier Foods

Cut back on the soda (even diet soda), cut back on sugar and sweet things, and cut back on fried foods. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grains. Don’t be so strict that you end up binging-you can eat sugar and drink soda, just do it less.

Keep a Food Journal

Keeping track of what you eat will help with steps one and two. Adding an exercise log will help you see your progress and motivate you to keep going.


Start out by walking for an extra 20 minutes a day. Do push ups, sit ups, or jumping jacks during commercials on TV. Do ANYTHING active for 20 minutes a day, and if you can, add more time. The point is to burn just a few more calories each day and get that blood pumping through your body.

These steps are easy and require only a little extra effort each day. Remember this is a lifestyle change-don’t do these things for overnight results. Make the changes and the results will come.

Negative Calorie Diet Soup: A Tasty Way to Lose Weight

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Many diets recently have been taking a page from the book of the Negative calorie foods diet. Diets like the Cabbage Soup Diet borrow from the principle of negative calories, and it’s the cabbage soup diet in particular that has a lot of people interested in finding a quality negative calorie soup.

While it’s nearly impossible to make a soup that is completely negative calorie (at least one worth eating) a hearty soup full of negative calorie foods can be made that keeps the belly full while burning off nearly all the calories that you eat. This tasty soup has already helped thousands lose excess weight.

The way to make a low calorie, or even negative calorie diet soup is simple: make a basic vegetable broth for the soup, with absolutely no meat, and add in a wide array of negative calorie and low calorie foods. The base could be vegetable broth, or say V-8 juice. Then add a wide array of veggies you like such as carrots, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh green beans, tomatoes, beets, cabbage, and other similar foods (but avoid potatoes).

Since this is an extremely low calorie soup, don’t be afraid to pour on the spice to flavor the broth to your liking! Spice it up with a lot of garlic, black pepper, white pepper, and even a little bit of salt and other seasonings (although don’t go nuts with the salt). You can even throw in some cayenne or Cajun seasoning for a little extra kick if that’s what you personally like.

The more different seasonings, flavors, and veggies you have in your negative calorie diet soup, the more likely you are to enjoy it. This is key in order to be able to stay on the diet without sliding backwards, and the tastier your negative calorie diet soup, the better.

There isn’t one single recipe for negative calorie soup, although all of them are the same base, then it’s just a choice of what you toss in. The cabbage soup diet is maybe the most famous low calorie soup, and that recipe is easy to find, as well as several variations of it.

There is no single one recipe for this specific type of diet soup. Basically look at the list of foods that are options, use some common sense, and the rest should be easy. Flavor it up and you have a great tasty soup to help you keep off (and even shed) those extra pounds!

Secret to Fat-loss Success that Will Bring You One Step Closer to Your Dream Physique

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Having trouble losing weight? Tired of looking at the gut sticking out from your body every time you looked into the mirror? If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of the millions of people in this world who is trying to lose those unwanted fat. You glance in the mirror everyday and are sick of your fat. You envy those fitness models body and always believe that they are born gifted with it. You believe that it is something you probably won’t achieve. Wrong! You can obtain such accomplishments! You may think you probably can if you spend a lot of money on those diet programs or personal trainers to help you achieve your goal. Wrong! Then why is the title of this article the

Million Dollar Fat-Loss Diet? Well, it is because this diet will most likely worth a million dollars! Millions of dollars are spent in the diet and fitness industry. Most are money wasted on diet programs that do not work at all. The reason is because losing fat is so simple that those who are selling it do not want to reveal it to the general public. They want to come up with many creative diets and sell it for a huge amount of money to the ignorant consumers. What I am about to lay out is the Million Dollar Fat-Loss Diet. Once you are through with this article, you will be amazed at how easy it is to obtain the body of your dream. More importantly, you will be happy that you received a diet program that can be worth a million dollar-free.

Let us begin by listing out the requirements for someone who wants to lose fat. Below are the key components of a successful fat-loss diet. Each is equally important and every part has to be present in the individual going through the fat-loss diet. Let’s call this the Engine. The engine is what runs a car and this is going to be what is running you during your fat-loss diet. Therefore, it is very important that your engine is running; or else you will have a car that has a dead engine and will be like others who failed their fat-loss diet-they get nowhere.

1) Perseverance – You need to have the right mindset before setting out on a fat-loss diet. There is no lose-fat-fast diet. You need to be able to be patient and keep going no matter what hardship comes to you. By being honest to yourself continually pushing further and further, the results will speak for themselves.

2) Self-Discipline – During a fat-loss diet, you are limited to only a certain amount of food that you can eat. It is up to you to be able to restrain yourself from eating off-limit food, and be able to keep it up for the rest of the diet with strong perseverance.

3) Honesty – It’s easier to lie to others, but it’s even easier to lie to yourself. Telling yourself that the ice cream shake you had this morning isn’t going to make that much of a difference to your fat-loss regime is telling yourself a very deadly lie. That’s why a strong self-discipline should be in place.

Alright, enough with the boring-but very important-stuff, let’s get right into the diet itself. Before we begin this part of the article, I would like to inform you that I am not going to go in-depth into the scientific mumbo-jumbo. As important as it is, I believe there is no need to include it as an attempt to “impress” the readers since most of us don’t have a science background to begin with-hence making it difficult to understand the scientific part of the diet.

What I am about to list out is the five factors that you need to do during your diet. These five factors will be your blueprint, or Navigation, for that Engine of yours to travel upon. Follow them strictly, and you will be dropping fat with ease. Yes, it is as simple as this:

1) Caloric deficiency

2) Eat clean

3) Less than 30g of carbohydrates and consume more healthy fat*

4) Exercise 5-6 days a week

5) Eat 4-5 meals a day

*Fat in a fat-loss diet?? Why am I making you consume more oil (fat) when you are trying to lose fat? Note that I emphasized on healthy fat, a vital part to your fat-loss regime which I will explain later in the article.

Can it really be a simple as that?? Yes and no. I will no go through each factor and explain to you why it will work and why losing fat can be so easy!

Caloric Deficiency

This is something everyone will be able to understand. Your body burns a certain amount of calories, or energy, to function everyday. Let’s say Joe burns about 2,000 calories per day. On a normal basis, Joe will neither increase in weight when he is consuming 2,000 calories per day. But if he decided to start eating an extra bag of potato chips everyday along with a large cup of soda, his daily caloric intake will be increased to 2,300 calories. Your body burns 2,000 and you consumed 2,300; therefore, you are going to be left with 300 excess calories? Where do you think they go? That’s right, to the storage room aka fat cells. Now here’s the interesting part. Let’s say Susan who was on 2,000 calories per day had decided to drop it to 1,700 calories per day by eliminating orange juice from breakfast and replacing it with water. Now she is 300 calories in deficit. How will those 300 calories deficit be filled? Your body will take out its excess stored energy from the storage room (fat cells) and use it to fuel the body. And through this, over a long period of time your body will begin to lose more and more fat. This is of course just a simple way of looking at it. There are still a lot of factors to be considered. Remember, a calorie is not a calorie-one of the most important things that you should know how to do is to eat clean.

Eating Clean

Eating clean? What exactly does that mean? It means exactly what the word is trying to imply-eat clean food. Clean foods are produced from nature. They grow from the soil. They are raised in farms. They are what our cave-dwelling ancestors would eat on a daily basis. Foods such as nuts, berries, beef, poultry, fish, fruits, lettuce, and etc. are just some examples of what you should expect eating clean. This of course is a difficult task. Grocery stores today are filled with what I believe 90% manufactured food and 10% clean food. The good news however, is that-in most stores-the clean foods are lined up against the wall of the stores so it’s relatively easy to shop. On one side of the wall you would find fruits and veggies, and on the far end you will find the poultries and seafood. In other words, when you go shopping for food, you should only be walking along the walls and dodging the aisles in the middle of the store! Why do you have to eat clean when all you have to make sure is that you have caloric deficiency? Once again, we have to know that a calories is not a calories-meaning 100 calories of an apple is not the same as 100 calories of Oreo cookies. Without going too much in depth, just know that both apples and Oreo cookies consist of different materials and when digested in the body, it will create and release different kind of hormones that will either help or stall your fat-loss progress. With that in mind, let’s go over some examples to make sure you are eating right!

Salmon – Yes

Broccoli – Yes

Campell’s Chicken Noodle Soup – No

Orange – Yes

Yoplait Yogurt – No

Orange Juice – No

Chicken breast – Yes

Steak – Yes

Bread – No

Granola bars – No

Low-fat – No

The list can go on forever but here’s a simple way to remember what you can eat by asking yourself this question, “Does this food exist back when my great-grandparents were in their teens?” If the answer is yes then you can probably add it to your diet, if not, prepare to dodge it. (Bread is an exception to be excluded from the diet, I will explain why further on the article)

Less than 30g of Carbohydrate and consume more healthy fat

Here’s the deal. There are three types of energy source our body uses: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Out of those three, carbohydrates are what our body mainly used. This is why you get the general conception that carbohydrates give you energy. But did you know our body can replace the fuel source by fat as well? By eliminating carbohydrates from your diet to as little as 30g or less, you can “force” your body to switch from burning carbohydrates as a fuel source to burning fat. When this happens, what do you think will happen to all those fat cells that have been stored up? They body will have no choice but to use them up as fuel source! In my experience, there has not been a better way to lose fat other than this method. An ideal diet for the fat-loss should consist of about 60% fat and 40% protein with 30g of carbohydrates or less in there. For some of you, it may be hard to accept the fact that you have to take in more fat when you are trying to lose fat. But just try to think through this logically, if your body has no carbohydrate to fuel its metabolic activities, it will have to switch to fat burning. However, you can’t expect to not eat anything and wait for your body to finish using up all those energy stored in the fat cells. You will get hungry eventually and will need to eat. If you choose to eat carbohydrate again, what you are doing is introducing carbohydrate back into your body again and thus it will begin burning carbohydrates for fuel instead of energy. “Well that’s fine I’ll just let it burn up and once it ran out of carbohydrate it will go back to fat again.” Wrong! Just to let you know, it may take from a week to two weeks before your body switches from burning carbohydrates as fuel source to fats. So every time you introduce more carbohydrates than you are supposed to, you are wasting time–and time is valuable! So the final verdict is to just stick to less than 30g of carbohydrates and consume healthy fat for the body to use as its main fuel source.

Here’s a list of health fats you can shop for:

1) Fish Oil

2) Extra Virgin Olive Oil*

3) Coconut Oil

4) Flaxseed Oil

5) Oil from nuts (almonds and walnuts only)

6) Oil from steaks and fish

*Olive oil should be a big part of your diet. Just drizzle it on top of your salad or chicken and you are good to go for a nice healthy meal!

Also, vegetables should not be counted as carbohydrates. Instead, they are fibers that you should be consuming a lot of because it has been shown that high fiber diet can help improve fat loss. Fruits however, should be counted as carbohydrates and be restricted to less than 30g per day.So all in all, eat more fat to burn even more fat! Eliminate carbohydrates to 30g a day! And make sure those fat you are eating are healthy fat!

Exercise 5-6 days a week

Without a doubt, there is not fat-loss progress if you don’t dedicate yourself to a good workout program. Because the topic covered here is too extensive, I will give you a simple description of what you should be doing-for a more extensive description, you can check out my future article “Million Dollar Fat-Loss Workout.” Through my experience, I find that by including these following exercises during your fat-loss regime, you will find yourself losing fat at a rate faster than you have ever experienced: (this is something that you should consider doing daily)

1) Fasted Cardio

2) Evening Cardio

Fasted and evening cardio along with a good workout program will improve your physique dramatically when coupled with a good diet.

Fasted cardio is exactly what it means, cardio being done when fasted. You may be thinking about starving yourself for hours-or days-before doing the cardio, but that is not correct. Fasted cardio is the first thing done when you wake up in the morning. Meaning, you wake up, put on a pair of shoes, and out the door you go. Fasted cardio should last from 30 minutes initially and increase it to an hour as you progress in your fat-loss regime. What form of cardio should you be doing? I recommend either power-walking, uphill walking (my favorite), or very light jogging. I do not recommend trying anything excessive such as sprinting or running the marathon, etc. Fasted cardio should be something that isn’t too demanding but at the same time will get your sweat dripping and heart pumping.

CAUTION: You will feel extremelyhungry upon the completion of your fasted cardio. Stick to your strong self-discipline and avoid eating junk food at all cost! Stick to your clean food and stay ahead!

Evening cardio is no doubt done during the evening. It should be done roughly two meals before you go to sleep (or you can do it after your workout which I will explain more in my next article). Like fasted cardio, you should be taking it lightly with your evening cardio but it should still be something that will get you breathing and sweating hard. I would recommend either jogging or uphill walking for about an hour.

Where are you going to find time to do all this? Remember, losing fat takes a lot of perseverance. If you work 8-5pm everyday, then you have to wake up an hour earlier than you normally do to get your fasted cardio done. Once again a strong self-discipline and honesty will help you endure this.

As for the workout itself, I recommend going into the gym 5-6 days a week and work on circuit training, demanding exercises, and pummel yourself! Remember, if you don’t feel like you had even worked out after the end of a session, you probably didn’t.

Eat 4-5 meals a day

Let’s bring back Joe again with his 2,000 calories diet. Now let’s assume that Joe’s ate an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting and decided to skip his meal for the rest of the day. That is indeed, a very bad thing to be doing if you are trying to lose fat-the reason being that your body can only burn so many calories at a certain rate. When you consumed more calories than it can burn in a given time period, the excess calories will be converted into fat. That is why it is extremely vital for you to be splitting you meals into 4-5 small portions a day. During a fat-loss regime, all your meals should be in small portions. So if your total calories are 1,800 per day, you can divide it into 5 small portions such as 500/400/300/300/300.

Eating small portions throughout the day also ensure that you always have at least some food to keep your hunger at bay-and thus resist the temptation to cheat. Each portion of the meal should be separated by about 2-3 hours. So a typical schedule should look like this:

Breakfast: 500 calories*

Snack #1: 300 calories

Lunch: 400 calories

Snack #2: 300 calories

Dinner: 300 calories

*Breakfast is the king of meals. It should always be the largest meal of the day because the food you eat here is supposed to last you throughout the day-whereas dinner should be the smallest because you will be sleeping shortly after consuming the meal.

The Game Plan

Alright, so now you have all the essentials down, what should you be doing? Putting it all together of course! Here’s a list of things to do:

1) Get your Engine running

2) Write down a list of clean food to shop for. List out what you should be eating each day and how much and when to eat them.

3) Calculate how much calories you have been consuming and cut 100-200 per week until you see result in fat loss. Then stop at that amount until fat-loss is impeded then drop another 100-200.

4) Set your alarm clock one hour earlier.

5) Determine what you should be doing at the gym.

6) Lose fat!

The Unspoken Words

Throughout this article, there is something that wasn’t discussed-protein and muscles. The reason is because I safely assume everyone knows about it. But as a precaution, I have decided to include it in this article anyway. Protein is essential to your diet. You want to make sure you are eating enough to maintain your muscle mass. “But I am trying to lose fat, why would I care about muscle?” Think about what you want in the end. A lean body? Ripped sexy abs? Without muscles, none of that can be achievable. That’s why it is of utmost important to maintain your muscles with working out and protein consumption. There is a myth that protein makes you fat-toss that information away, clearly whoever said that is ignorant. Something that should interest you is that the more muscles you have, the more energy your body expends, and the faster your fat will be lost. So keep in mind that protein is extremely important. Each small meal of yours should be a combination of protein and fat. Here’s an example:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with onions (eggs are scrambled with olive oil instead of butter)

Snack #1: Salad consisting of Lettuce, spinach, and grilled chicken drizzled with olive oil

Lunch: Chicken breast drizzled with olive oil and nuts as side

Snack #2: Beef jerkies with fish oil

Dinner: Salmon and veggies

Fat-loss diet can be harsh on your taste buds but you have to endure it!

The End Game

Begin with the end at mind; think about what you want to look like at the end of your fat-loss regime. This means you will keep working and trying harder than ever until you achieve that physique. Equipped with your fine-tuned

Engine and a superb Navigation system, you are ready for your journey to your dream physique! Just let the Navigation be your guide and as long as your Engine is running and in place, there is no doubt you will reach your destination eventually!

Simple Weight Loss Remedies

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

How long have you been fighting the flab now? For many of us it has been a long struggle and a painful one indeed. Imagine being deprived of your favorite food for weeks on end, sweating it out at the gym, hanging onto the treadmill for the last few minutes of your work out and looking down to notice that big belly that still remains unaffected. Most of us have been going about the weight loss issue the wrong way. A majority of the population think that a crash diet is the best way to lose weight. However, diets of this nature more often than not prove to worsen your condition than help you cope with it.

Undoubtedly, hitting the gym and working out regularly is a must for everyone looking to burn the extra fat that they carry. Cardio is a good option for all and helps to remove excess fat while improving your stamina. This helps you stay fit and fresh all day. Besides this there are a few important points that have to be kept in mind while looking to achieve weight loss. Weight can bounce back faster than you think once you stop your exercise regimen. What one needs to work on is to build a higher rate of metabolism. All of them blessed with a high rate of metabolism naturally can ignore these pointers but for the rest of the not-so-fortunate lot, please be aware that this can be achieved only via building lean muscle. This is something that you will have to check about with your personal trainer at your local gym.

Most people today complain of a lack of time to stick to their work-out regimen. This is where we come back to those simple steps that can aid you on the route to weight loss. Read on if you want to know what actually goes into achieving not only a well toned body but also a fit one.

• Never ever skip the first meal of the day: Yes, you heard me right. Do not skip your breakfast at any cost as it is rightly the most important meal of the day. Doctors advise that eating a wholesome breakfast will help you start your day better and will prevent that burning hunger from engulfing you later in the day which will cause you to finally gorge on your favorite food. We suggest you start with low-fat milk, cereals and fruits.

• Eat 3 complete meals in a day: Again, make sure that you eat all 3 meals in a day as this helps you improve your metabolism. If you deprive your body of food for more than 5 hours at a stretch it will cause your metabolic rate to go down. A healthy snack between lunch and dinner is advised as it will avoid over-eating during dinner.

• Workout: Make sure you do some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day. This will ensure that your body stays fit. One can also follow remedies like taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking to that nearby shop instead of driving.

• Watch what you eat: Most of us are particular when it comes to the clothes we wear but are we as particular when it comes to what goes into the mouth? Not really. An effective way of controlling that flab is to eat healthy.

Four Truths of Weight Loss

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Truth #1 Diets Work, but Only Temporarily

If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you know exactly how this story goes. You start a new diet highly motivated and excited. You follow your diet plan to the tee and very quickly you lose your first 10 pounds. You are ecstatic because finally you found something that really works. You continue following your plan, but it gets harder. After a month you weigh yourself and to your horror, you have only lost 1 pound! You are devastated. “How could this be” you wonder. “Am I doing something wrong?” The answer is YES! The thing that you are doing wrong is dieting. You see, most diets don’t work because they are unrealistic and impossible to maintain. The weight that you lost in the begining of the diet was only water weight. Instead of setting yourself up for failure by going on a diet, try changing your eating habits. You know what foods are healthy and which ones aren’t, so eat more of the healthy ones. You don’t have to deprive your self from the brownies, cookies, and candies, but you do have to set limits. Also make a substitution list of healthy snacks you can swap for a sugary treat. This combined with exercise will help you to obtain your goal, not overnight, but in a healthy way.

Truth #2 Weight Loss is Just as Mental as it is Physical

Weight loss is an everyday battle. You have to constantly motivate yourself in order to stay on track. Some days are easy for you, and others are so bad that you may want to forget the whole thing. In order to lose weight and win the battle, you must learn to control your mind. You can start by making yourself believe that you can do it no matter what. This is really hard to do when the scale isn’t budging, but even on those days you have to stay positive. Motivation is one of the most important tools for weight loss success. In the beginning of a weight loss journey motivation comes easily and freely, but after a while it gets harder to keep your motivation high. Here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated on those days you feel like giving up.

1) Cut out photos of celebrities who have the body type you are working towards and post them on the fridge or mirror. Go even further and cut out your head and tape it to their body so that you can visualize yourself at your goal.

2) Write down your goal weight and post it on your bathroom mirror. Now everyday that will be one of the first things you see. This should help to keep that goal weight on your mind all day.

3)When your motivation gets really low, go to and look at other people’s weight loss stories. These stories are so motivational because they help you to see others who have won the battle that you are fighting and it makes you feel like you can do it too.

4) Buy something in the size that you wish to be. Try this item on every week until you can fit it. Spending money should motivate you to lose the weight so that you can fit your item.

Truth #3 Weight Loss Takes Hard Work and Dedication
The saying “no pain no gain” is so true when it comes to weight loss, but not in the literal sense. Losing weight is hard because you have to really workout in order to see results. You can’t just take a stroll around the block and expect to the pounds to melt away. n order to lose weight you must make your workout count. You need at least 30 minutes of intense cardio 5 days a week in order to see a change in your body. Also realize that the more weight you lose, the harder you will have to exercise in order to keep losing. Whatever you put into your workout is what you will get out of it. Hard workout = Hard body

Truth #4 Changing Your Weight can Change Your Life
Losing weight can really change a person. It can make a person more confident, more outgoing, and more daring. Weight loss can also make you a harder worker. Sometimes when you lose a lot of weight, you feel like you can accomplish anything , and you can. It’s sad, but sometimes not everyone in your world will be happy for your weight loss. There are countless stories of people who not only lost weight, but they also lost a friend or boyfriend do to their weight loss. This is not meant to discourage you, but to make you aware of the changes that can occur in your life. To prevent this, make sure you surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Also make sure that when you reach your goal, that you don’t change into an over confident person who puts other people down.

Good luck with your journey and always remember that “slow and steady wins the race”.