Five Things You’re Probably Doing to Promote Acne

Acne isn’t anything amazing today, everyone has it. The question is why there are so many products for acne; shouldn’t one thing be able to fix all acne problems? Unfortunately there are many products because acne doesn’t stem from one problem or one cause, but instead many. I’m going to tell you five tips to help you decrease acne as fast as tonight!

So before we start, what are some of the causes of acne today? Well acne can stem from many different things, for most teenagers it’s simply the changing of their hormones as they become adults.

However, even teenagers can make some simple changes that can effectively help get rid of acne. For others it can be anything from washing to much, to washing to little.

So what is mistake number one?

Mistake number one: is a poor diet that has a lot of processed items and junk food.

By eating poorly we are not giving our body the resources to truly get everything we can out of ourselves. To fix this problem you can simply start swapping processed foods for better alternatives such as whole wheat items.

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will also help cleanse your body of toxins, making it harder for them to eventually reach your skin and cause you those unsightly marks you dislike so much.

Mistake number two is washing to much.

I know, I know, how can you simply be washing to much? I mean, you’re washing to get rid of the acne, not to increase it.

Well the sad fact is, your skin because an easier target as you become cleaner, and so really you just need to begin trying to find the right ratio of clean and to clean. Otherwise you’ll just increase your chances of acne.

Mistake number three: sweating the little things literally.

When you become to wrapped up and stressed out about everything, you give yourself acne and lessen your health in general.

Mistake number four: trying nine different acne products at once.

Unfortunately you can’t just pick up every product and try it once, see no result and move on to the next one. You need to test each product thoroughly and give it time to truly work it’s magic.

If you just keep switching products you may jump from one product that hopes to dry out skin to another one that hopes to open pores. Both working against eachother.

Mistake number five: sitting in a dark corner.

All right, so I’m partially kidding, but if you’re not getting enough sunlight these days, you’re increasing your chances for acne, as you’re not allowing the sun to kill the bacteria that’s on your body and allowing it to force your pores to open up.

I’ve seen these mistakes done countless times all so that one could see a fast or instant result, and unfortunately by not fixing these mistakes you’re actually hindering your process.

So get outside and stop promoting acne, wash but not to much, and change your diet up! It really is that easy to getting rid of acne fast.

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