How to Heal Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is a mass of “emergency” tissue that develops in order to prevent an open wound or infection in the body. Many people have scar tissue which just won’t go away. However, this is incorrect maintenance. A perfectly healthy body will push even the worst amount of scar tissue out of its system within three months. If your scar tissue is lasting longer than that, it’s time you learn how to replace it with healthy, normal tissue.

Scar tissue can exist in thin layers, which is how we see it on the surface of the skin, but in reality, it is a 3-dimensional blob of tissue embedded in your normal tissue. Over time, your body sloughs off layers of skin and, ideally, layers of scar tissue as well. Eventually, the blob of scar tissue has been “layered” out, and healthy normal tissue appears underneath.

In unhealthy bodies, or bodies which do not eliminate properly, the blob of scar tissue remains in one place, unchanging, while the normal tissue moves around it and layers out of the body like normal. Improper elimination of scar tissue can be the result of many different causes or combinations of causes, including but not limited to: poor blood circulation, dehydration, toxic overload, lack of sleep and lack of relaxation or exercise.

1. Circulation. Make the scar tissue feel very unwelcome by constantly rubbing it and massaging it. If it itches or starts to itch, that’s a healing itch, so only scratch it until it feels better, but don’t allow it to bleed. Stimulate the gathering of white blood cells around the scar tissue to move it on out by getting in the habit of rubbing it constantly.

2. Hydration. Cokes can have a drying effect on your body because the amount of water it takes to prevent certain toxins in the coke from sinking further into the cells is greater than the amount of coke you just drank. If you need your caffeine fix, drink coffee. Also, for hydrating your body, drink plenty of tap water. Tap water contains minerals from the ground which you cannot get from food, and electrolytes which help you absorb the water better.

3. Eliminate Toxins. A diet of lots of meat and fruit is an excellent diet for eliminating toxins. Avoid grains, and remember that meat has a very cleansing effect on your digestive tract as well as being easy to digest. This way, your body spends less time digesting the food and more energy on dealing with your scar tissue. Fruit is a natural cleanser and can actually make you sick if that is all you are eating for a few days straight, because it will induce huge “housecleaning” in your body to get rid of old sickness or tissue. Be sure to eat your fruit with plenty of meat.

4. Sleep and Relaxation. In order to kick out the scar tissue cells, your body must create new cells to replace them. The highest amount of cell reproduction occurs while you are asleep. Be sure and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night and take plenty of peaceful, happy breaks throughout the day.


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