The Secret Cure for Acne is Now Revealed

The moment you got out of bed, you wanted to scamper and hide underneath the sheets; then you took a glimpse in the mirror of a speck of reddish dot right in the middle of your forehead. It was like taking a headshot indeed. You didn’t want to dare look back at the mirror for a closer inspection. But out of curiosity, you could not resist and falter and thus scrutinized it. Sure thing! It is huge, inflamed, well emphasized, swollen and not to mention, really big! You mused on how life could be so cruel. You wanted to get rid of it at that instant by trying to prick it. Do you think doing so is the right thing? Read on and find out the solution to this appalling predicament.

The horrid sight on top of our nose or lip, otherwise commonly known as acne, is caused by the build-up of extremely dry skin that mixes with sebum that clogs the pores. But at one point in your life you wondered why no matter how hard you wash and moisturize your face, you’d still end up waking with acne. Although the story about poorly moisturized skin and excessive oil is not merely an old wives’ tale, people tend to delve further into profound explanations.

One reason for breakouts that a number of people tend to reject is the accumulation of harmful substances inside our cells. These are commonly referred to as toxins. These by-products of elimination are supposedly excreted from our system via our kidneys, liver, and small intestine. However, certain disorders would lead to its failure to oust these foreign bodies, which would eventually result to homeostatic imbalances. These toxins would want to escape, and that is through your precious skin!

To be able to eradicate this problem, it is vital to target the root cause, which is to extinguish these harmful radicals. Hydration, by increasing your daily intake of water up to two liters or eight glasses daily is the best natural method of doing so. Alcoholic beverages and a glass of Kool-Aid may be thirst quenching but mind you, it has high acid content. Drinking loads of water helps flush out your system in a healthy way. Furthermore, trying out a detoxifying agent may aid in removing these unwanted elements.

The notion above just proves that the real problem about adult acne is not merely visible to our naked eye. When we reach the age of puberty, most of us have pimples mainly because of increased sebum or oil production. However when we enter adulthood, our skin loses its youthful texture. Usually, it becomes dry and flaky. Hormonal imbalances then would allow our skin’s pores to dilate and become prone to clogging.

Various acne remedies may be available for purchase at your leading pharmacy. However, one should caution himself in choosing the right kind of medication. Benzoyl Peroxide, although it is proven to be effective against a teenager’s acne, should not be used liberally on adult acne because doing so tend to be more deleterious. When your skin’s moisture is depleted, clogging of pores is imminent. Dry and dead skin cells would eventually occlude your pores and so you’d have to expect for a more dreadful face the next day.

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